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Fortnite players are wrestling with the end of existence

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite went dark yesterday, black hole dark, and most of us aren't exactly sure when it will return. It's obviously going to be pretty soon, but what's the Fortnite community to do until then? Will they take to the streets and start smashing stuff with pickaxes? 

No—they're mostly just posting memes or reliving the final moments of the game. 

Questions about what's on the other side, or what's coming next, are natural, but maybe the truth is too much to handle. Do we really want to know? What if it's a rude goose?

The absence of Fortnite also gives us a chance to reflect on a world without this all-consuming game. If it never comes back, just think of all the great achievements we could make with all that free time. Of course it is coming back and we'll never really be free, but one can dream. 

Unfortunately, the thought of a world without Fortnite has been a bit too horrifying a prospect for some of its younger players, forcing them to lash out at the technology that they once trusted. There have been tears, too. 

In case you're getting some ideas, it's worth mentioning that punching a monitor will just add to the number of holes on the screen and not, in fact, make Fortnite come back. 

Others are content with sleuthing. Epic hasn't indicated when Fortnite will return, but people have started to share screencaps and alleged details found in website source code that points to it appearing on October 15 in China. It just turned midnight.

The official website doesn't actually show the date, contrary to the screencaps, so it might have been removed or doctored, so take these images that have been floating around with a grain of salt. People are reporting that the update is available for preloading in China as well. 

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