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Class up your desk with these monitor mount deals, some as cheap as $12

You probably bought a new monitor or two over Black Friday weekend, (if not, here's some last-minute deals) and now you’re figuring out the best way to set them up on your desk. If your set-up is anything like mine, you’re rockin’ at least dual 24-inch monitors, which can take up quite a bit of real estate. It’s Cyber Monday though, which means there’s still time to grab a monitor mount to free up some space. 

There are still some deals on single, dual, and even triple VESA-compatible monitor desk mounts, and even the ones that aren’t on sale are reasonably priced. Most of the deals covered below feature gas spring arms, which makes adjusting the monitors easy and hassle-free. So get ‘em now before the prices go back up. 

Here are a few that stood out:

Single mounts

Echogear Single Monitor Wall Mount | $80 ($20 off)
If you have a large monitor that you use for gaming and watching movies, consider mounting that thing to the wall. Fits monitors up to 30”. Buy at Amazon

Mount-it! Computer Monitor Wall Mount | $12
Need a simple, reliable, and cheap wall mount for a small work space? This one is made for monitors up to 24” and can hold up to 40 pounds. Buy at Amazon. 

Ergotech Freedom Arm | $67 ($17 off)
Best for lightweight monitors under 17.8 pounds and less than 27”. It’s also super budget-friendly. Buy on Amazon

Ergotron LX Desk Monitor Mount | $170
A non-sale item, but according to Ergotron, it’s passed a 10,000 cycle motion test, which seems like $170 will get you years and years of use. However, it does only fit monitors up to 24”. Buy at Walmart

Dual mounts

WALI Universal Dual Monitor Wall Mount | $50
This one features a removable VESA plate, which makes it compatible with non-VESA compatible monitors. Will fit up to 27” screens. Buy at Amazon. 

Echogear Dual Monitor Desk Mount | $120 ($30 off)
Admit it. You’ve needed one of these for a long time. Installation is a breeze, too. Fits monitors up to 30”. Buy at Amazon.

Huanuo Full Motion Dual Monitor Mount | $69
While this monitor mount isn’t on sale, it’s still a great deal for those who are looking for a mount with a full range of motion and efficient cable management. Fits up to 27” screens. Buy at Amazon. 

Loctek Dual Monitor Desk Mount | $80 ($140 off)
These mounts are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, so they are usually over $200. The discount puts this mount in a way more affordable range. Fits up to 27” monitors. Buy at Newegg

Triple mounts

Echogear Triple Monitor Desk Mount | $100 ($30 off)
Had the cash to pick up three monitors over the weekend? What’s another hundred? Transform your monitor-cluttered desk into a professional battlestation. Supports monitors up to 27”. Buy at Amazon. 

Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Mount | $160
Not on sale, but this mount can accommodate standard as well as curved monitors up to 27”. Buy at Amazon. 

Joanna Nelius
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