And in other PC gaming news...

Diablo 3

Another week, another round of changes to Diablo 3 . It feels as though it's moving further and further away from furious treasure-fest of the old games. Its systems are being merged into a small selection of slick, accessible menu screens, but will it lose something in the transition? Organising and re-organising grids of loot was a big part of Diablo and Diablo 2. Gems were hoarded endlessly before being combined and compressed into sizzling hyper-crystals, runes were collected, abstract items were kept for hours before being combined into new forms using the horadric cube. Will Diablo 3 scratch that itch, or will we find that it's simply removed a bunch of systems that only got in the way of hitting things?

It'll be a few months before we find out. Until then we'll have to much about with Blizzard's Diablo 3 skillset editor . It's a tinkerer's paradise. If the idea of creating a Sorcerer that specialises in dropping meteors of ice doesn't thrill you, though, there's always this linky list of today's PC gaming news. Today, a game that teaches kids to code games, a tour of Valve's offices and today's Dead End Thrills pick from Alice: Madness Returns.

  • Today's Dead End Thrills shot is this smoky skyline from Alice: Madness Returns.

  • Penny Arcade take a tour of the Valve studios .

  • We mentioned the recent Black Ops 2 rumours earlier. The site that ran the Amazon listing story claim to have been blacklisted by Activision as a result. Activision tell Kotaku that "we believe this was a misunderstanding and are working towards a resolution."

  • Eve Online Crucible patch 1.2 is out, with a new trailer.

  • InCrysis have compiled a big selection of lovely videos and screens of art an environments created using CryEngine 3.

  • Gamasutra chat to the BBC about their upcoming Doctor Who game and why they're making games.

  • Job listings suggest that Crytek are working with EA on something new.

  • GIBiz think about the threat of future IP laws like the recently semi-defeated SOPA, PIPA and ACTA acts.

  • VG247 report that Alan Wake has made the money that Remedy put into developing and marketing it, which is nice.

  • Code Hero is a game that aims to teach kids to play games. A kickstarter page has been started to help fund development.

What are you looking forward to playing in the next few months?