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And in other PC gaming news...

Mass Effect 2 Legion

There's only six weeks to go until Mass Effect 3 comes out, and our growing excitement is affecting us in different ways. Tom Senior refused to come to lunch today, claiming to be in the middle of some calibrations. An avowed fan of the first game, I took to standing stock still in the middle of the lift, staring directly forwards and insisting that any other riders formed a triangle behind me. Everyone else in the office seems to be getting on with their lives as normal.

All this was triggered by the promise of replaying Mass Effect 2 with these awesome texture packs , spotted by Duncan Harris . We also discovered some impressive discounts on BioWare points, allowing you to pick up any Dragon Age or Mass Effect DLC you might have missed on the cheap.

Elsewhere in the world of PC gaming, the New York planetarium is thrusting 200 people into (virtual) space and Square Enix have trademarked yet another Hitman game. We suspect that they're just messing with us at this point. Clickable hyperwords to follow after the jump.

  • Engadget give a glimpse of a 200-player space game taking place at the New York planetarium tonight.
  • Games are being used to educate children in the US about slavery and the American Civil War, report Gamasutra .
  • No Heroes are running a TF2 Trivia Night server, where correct answers grant you 10 seconds of ownage.
  • The Hitman series' addiction to subtitles continues with Hitman: Sniper Challenge, as Siliconera have discovered. Personally, I'm holding out for Hitman: Noun.
  • CVG report that THQ are leaving the children's games business to focus on their core franchises.
  • If you don't own it already, you'll soon be able to buy Terraria in a box for £19.95. VG247 have the details.
  • RPS look into NCSoft's attempt to shut down upcoming fantasy MMO TERA.

Are you looking forward to taking Shepard for another lap around the space block, readers? Double points to everyone if we get through this comments thread without the words "favourite" and "Citadel".

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