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And in other PC gaming news...

The Darkness 2

It's been a pleasant day of PC gaming news so far. Racing sims Project CARS and rFactor 2 have given racing fans plenty to look forward to. There was a bit of panic earlier when it looked like the Game site may have been hacked , but that turned out to be okay. SOPA has even been put on hold due to a lack of consensus in Congress, and some negative words from The White House. Woo!

There are plenty of other bits and pieces of new blowing about the place. We've captured them all in a jar and deposited them in a vertical fashion for your perusal below. Read on for news of Team Fortress 2i in Saints Row: The Third and a new project from Digital: A Love Story creator Christine Love.

  • Owners of Saints Row: The Third on Steam will get nine Team Fortress 2 masks as free DLC tomorrow .

  • Dead Island is getting some new DLC .

  • Christine Love, creator of Digital: A Love Story, has a new game, called Analogue: A Hate Story that will explore themes of "transhumanism, traditional marriage, loneliness, and cosplay."

  • The Reticule take a look at a mod that brings the Dreamcast version of Half Life to PC.

  • Over on CVG , the CVs of Eidos employees hint at some form of online functionality in Thief 4.

  • A new Darkness 2 trailer recaps the 'orrible events of the first game.

  • The latest episode of Bioware Pulse delves into the writing process for Mass Effect 3.

After playing the original, I'm pretty interested in The Darkness 2, which improves on the worn FPS formula by giving you four arms instead of two. It's a shame protagonist Jackie is so obsessed with using them to kill. I'd use my powers to become the best one man band in the world. What would you do with four arms?

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