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And in other PC gaming news...

Here's a tasty bit of machinima spotted on Gamefront , made in Skyrim by one chap and a lot of mods. It throws about a thousand warriors at each other and then blows them up with magi-bombs. It's a great showcase for Midas Magic, which is one of the top rated mods on the Steam workshop right now. For more Skyrim goodness, check out the demo reel of features that Bethesda didn't have time to put into the full game. WERE-BEARS !

But what else has been happening in the world of PC gaming? Quite a bit, as it happens, Read on for todays links, including a couple of bundles, sexy voxels (are there any other kind?) and the Bafta Audience Award nominees.

Were-bears are cool, but I'd rather be able to transform into something else, like a gopher. How about you?

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