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And in other PC gaming news...

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I might be spending my evenings being Batman at the moment, but this lady's Catwoman impersonation is ever so slightly better. I always knew Arkham City's combat moves were theoretically possible, since they had been motion captured, but seeing an actual human pull them off is amazing to see. Kudos to everyone involved. I only hope I never meet any of them down a dark and dramatically shot alley.

Check inside for slow motion face punching PC gaming news.

  • Joystiq have spotted a free interactive Skyrim map app for iOS out shortly.
  • MCV report that Skyrim has become the first western game to score 40/40 in Japanese magazine Famitsu.
  • Massively have the details on Star Trek Online's season five content.
  • OXM have made a Skyrim map that readers can use to share their stories.
  • CVG have done a nice company profile of Valve.

What's your best fight in Arkham City so far readers? I like the big dust up at the start of the Penguin's museum myself.