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And in other PC gaming news...

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Today in the PC gamer offices Tom Senior breezed in in a lurid purple suit and a fur hat, carrying a gold encrusted cane. It seems the strain of writing our Saints Row 3 review was too much for him, and now with the game released and a launch trailer online, his natural pimp-like tendencies have come to the fore.

Check inside for a selection of hos PC gaming news.

  • AllGamesBeta matches up the GTAV trailer with real life locations.
  • Eurogamer compare Skyrim on PC and console.
  • Bethblog have some details on the upcoming Brink update, which will add clans, tournaments and ladders.
  • Trion's Scott Hartsman talks to Eurogamer about free to play and making money.
  • Gamefront have a list of Skyrim easter eggs.

What is the most ridiculous thing you've done in Saints Row 3 readers?