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And in other PC gaming news...!

So, our Skyrim review is here! But you know, not everyone likes their reviews in written form, which is why Harry Partridge has decided to explain the game through the medium of song. This is actually Harry's second attempt, the first one, was a Skyrim trailer song and was equally epic in tone.

Our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 review also came out. But sadly no-one has made a song about that yet.

Check inside for a selection of rythmically melodic PC gaming news.

  • Indie Royale has launched it 'Difficult Second Bundle' featuring Time Gentlemen Please, Scoregasm, Fate of the World and Night Sky.
  • The Guardian talks about the disparity between user reviews and critic reviews for Modern Warfare on Metacritic. Tim is in it!
  • CD Project tell Eurogamer that sales of The Witcher 2 vindicate their no DRM decision.
  • The BBC report that Paris' Grand Palais is hosting and exhibition on the history of gaming.
  • Richard Garriott announces 'Lord British's Ultimate Role Playing Game' in a long Facebook post that charts his history as a game developer.

How would one do a song about Modern Warfare 3? Write me a verse readers, and the best will win one of my pile of free games.