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And in other PC gaming news...

I don't know much about Starcraft, but I know a tactical genius when I see one. Reddit points us to this enterprising fellow, who decided to swarm his opponent with so many Overlords he couldn't click on his own units, before drowning his base in delicious creep. Obviously it isn't feasible in regular Starcraft games, but they're playing the 'phantom' mode, where one player secretly gets bonus resources and the others have to deduce who it is and ally against them before it is too late. In this case I think we can safely say they failed.

Check inside for a flying, slime secreting selection of PC gaming news.

  • Archernick is giving away a copy of Batman: Arkham City to the PC Gamer Starcraft community. Check the forums for how to win it.
  • Gaming Daily 's Craig Lam talks about how he accidentally became one of the top 100 Virtua Tennis players in the world.
  • Massively bring us a talk from Bioware's Damion Schubert on the fallacy of the hardcore/casual model.
  • Bohemia talk to Eurogamer about that ITV documentary that mistook Arma 2 for IRA footage .
  • Game Informer report that the London Philharmonic Orchestra are releasing an album of game music. Check out the amazing cover art! If you're wondering what it sounds like, have a listen to their version of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare theme .
  • Another GDC talk covered by Massively , ever wondered how the stats for RPG items get decided? Sara Jensen Schubert explains.
  • Rock Paper Shotgun talk about how Fifa is like an RPG.
  • Eurogamer have spotted TF2 items for Football Manager 2012, including a pair of boots that spawn an in game football!
  • BF3Blog say you can only have one soldier per Battlefield 3 account, and there'll be no name changes.
  • Other games might be going free to play, but Final Fantasy XIV is about to start charging again after a massive overhaul, according to VG247 .
  • Joystiq tell us that Bethesda tester has managed to beat Skyrim in two hours.
  • Massively report that CCP are offering a discount to returning Eve players as an apology.
  • Edge talk to the fabulously named Falco Poiker about what it's like making Assassin's Creed games annually.

Tell me readers, what's the most outrageously silly tactic you've ever employed in a game, and did it work?