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And in other PC gaming news...

Rage Thumbnail

Today in the PC gamer offices we received the armageddon survival kits from our latest magazine competition. The sensible way to judge it seemed to be to jet the staff off to the Nevada desert armed with one kit each and have them fight to the death. Owen is the only casualty so far, Rich (pictured above) cut his head off with a sword, but was disappointed to learn it didn't make him faster or stronger, just sad.

While I wait for him to lower his guard, I'll bring you a round up of today's best PC gaming news.

  • League of Legends has joined the MLG .
  • Joystiq let us know that The Old Republic will not be region locked, you can join any server from anywhere.
  • Gamerant report on Eve's biggest ever scam, making over 1 trillion ISK.
  • Eurogamer have some screenshots of Serious Sam 3.
  • RockPaperShotgun report that Bethesda's forums have been hacked again.
  • AEPortal reveal that The Witcher 2 is about to get a serious update, dubbed the 2.0 update.
  • RipTen talk to Casey Hudsen about RPG elements in Mass Effect 3, including the new weapon mods system.

Let me know internet people, what are your best apocalypse survival tips?