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And in other PC gaming news...

Rage thumb 2

We're all doomed apparently. At least so say id Software . In order to survive, we in PC Gamer have decided to move into an underground vault, Fallout style. We've decided to construct it in Grimsby , to ensure a good internet connection, because if Rich doesn't get his fix of e-sports he'll go stir crazy and kill us all (as pictured above).

Inside is a selection of the today's PC news that we'll be moving into storage and preserving for future generations.

  • VG247 have the line up for Quake Con.
  • IndustryGamers says EA "Would absolutely welcome" other publisher's content on Origin.
  • BitTech talk to gaming MP Tom Watson about the Digital Economy Act.
  • BluesNews report that Torchlight has sold a million copies.
  • Eurogamer say the Mass Effect movie will be discussed at ComicCon.
  • VG247 let Australians know they can register for the Call of Duty XP tournament.
  • GamesRadar show us the face of BookerDeWitt, Bioshock Infinite's hero.

While we wait for the world to end readers, tell us one thing. What is the coolest apocalypse you've ever experienced in a game?