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Age of Empires 4 build order: How to reach the feudal age in no time

Sailing ships in Age of Empires 4
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If you're looking to advance through the first era quickly in Relic's historic RTS, you'll want to follow a specific Age of Empires 4 build order. To get the achievement for building a Wonder in the last era, it would be a smart move to progress quickly to the feudal age by selecting the appropriate technologies or units and using your villagers wisely. With that in mind, here's how to reach the feudal age in no time.

Age of Empires 4: Best feudal build order

If you want to progress to the feudal age quickly, then you'll want to work smart and efficiently with what you've got. Broadly speaking, you'll want to increase your population quite quickly, as well as gather wood and collect gold. Ideally, you want around seven villagers on food, three villagers on gold, and two villagers collecting wood.

Assign your first lot of villagers to sheep to grow your population—so around six or seven villagers—then get to housebuilding and assign people to gold veins nearby. Assign one villager to housebuilding and another to wood, three on gold, and the rest on food. You'll need at least 200 gold and 400 food to build your first Landmark which should be a priority. This method works for all civs and with it you should be in the feudal age in no time. 

Once that's done, you'll want to research new technologies, keep building landmarks, and train the most effective units possible. This method also works very well in multiplayer and can give you an edge against seasoned opponents.

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