Atari's new 'Ataribox' to be 'based on PC technology'

Atari is "back in the hardware" business, so says the company's Frederic Chesnais, and is currently working on the so-called 'Ataribox'—a retro-styled console said to be powered by PC technology. 

In conversation with VentureBeat, the CEO described the prospective hardware as being "years in the making", which could suggest the Ataribox has been in development since the once formidable outfit filed for bankruptcy back in 2013. 

Information is still thin on the ground at the moment, however the following teaser trailer did surface during last week's E3 conference in Los Angeles. Let's have a look at that:  

Note that retro-tastic wood grain finish. VentureBeat also notes that modern day Atari, despite its historic financial bother, is now profitable and that its latest project could be inspired by the recent success of Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition. 

Either way, I'm doubtful it'll ever hit the highs of the ST. No you're too easily influenced by nostalgia.

Again, not all too much to go on for now, however expect more on the Ataribox as and when we get it.