Apex Legends' bunker pass is once again a deathtrap, thanks to Fuse

An image of Bunker Pass from Apex Legends
(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment via Brooke Olson)

"We'll just jump through Bunker Pass," you might say to yourself, "It's a great shortcut." While inside Bunker Pass you might see a nice, enticing room with lots of sweet loot in it. So you duck inside. In fact, your whole team ducks inside. And then the room is filled with fire, and cluster explosives, and there's only one door out, and you all cook to death.

That's right, Apex Legends' (most?) infamous room is once again in the spotlight with the release of Season 8 and new character Fuse. The nice cutthrough a mountain has a room with once entrance, which you should definitely know better than to go inside in an FPS. It's infamous for being a trap where character Caustic's gas clouds will kill you. Now it's even deadlier.

Fuse can use his ultimate fill it with a "ring" of fire, and then throw his horrible Knuckle Cluster bomb inside to make it a shrapnel-laced hellhole. Oh, and it's... well it's only worse if there's a Caustic on Fuse's team. Try to leave the room and it's only going to get worse, as if you're not already in the (very deadly) fire you'll have to run through it into a hail of enemy bullets. Here's an example of how it can go down:

Let's Put Some Shrimp On The Barbie from r/apexlegends

Anyway, there's a warning for you. Don't go in that room unless you're definitely sure it's safe... and don't take your whole team inside no matter what. Just don't! It's a bad idea, lest ye become meme fodder.

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