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And in other PC gaming news...

Who needs big budget film adaptations? These bright sparks have turned Portal into a stage play. It might be low tech, but it puts all those terrible Hollywood game adaptations to shame.

Today in PC gaming we were zerg rushed with info on Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. Meanwhile the headlines belonged to Call of Duty, with the announcement of the controversial Elite payment scheme .

Activision Blizzard (or Actard as we like to call them) aren't the only ones making news though, click through for a selection of other interesting stories from the world of PC gaming.

  • Portal adaptations seem to be the big thing, with Gamesradar reporting on stunning fan film Outside Aperture
  • GTA4's Liberty City now has it's own version of google maps.
  • Atari are selling off Cryptic.
  • IO say Hitman: Absolution will be "more accessible"
  • Section 8: Prejudice has a map pack on the way
  • Bioware admit that Dragon Age 2 had faults , and will look towards fixing them in future installments.
  • Relic have patched Company of Heroes including adding new maps. That's some after sale support.
  • Gamestop will apparently honour even the oldest Duke Nukem pre-orders.
  • Minecraft just got more amazing. It turns out maps can play youtube videos .

Everyone seems to be experimenting with new payment models these days, be it free-to-play, subscription or microtransactions. Is there still room for good old money down purchasing? Tell us readers, how do you prefer to pay for your games? What's your ideal pricing method? You aren't allowed to say everything free, that's cheating.