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Action MMO SoulWorker is introducing Lee Nabi the Sniper, its longest-distance fighter yet

SoulWorker introduces Lee Nabi
(Image credit: LionGames)

Anime-style action MMO SoulWorker (opens in new tab) is growing again. After expanding its service areas to bring in new players earlier this year, Lion Games is recruiting its newest playable character too. All of the previously available eight characters offer their own action combos with their chosen Soul Weapons and the newest playable member is bringing her own unique style to the game. Lee Nabi is arriving in the post-apocalyptic city of Cloudreamon July 22, bringing her Sniper Rifle to take down demons from further away than any other SoulWorker you've played so far.

Years ago in Cloudream, where SoulWorker takes place, the mysterious portal called the Vacuum opened up, swallowing up humans and releasing monsters and demons into the world. The humans who later returned from the Vacuum with special abilities were called SoulWorkers—outstanding, skilled heroes with supernatural powers fueled by their emotions. Unlike current playable characters, however, the ninth character Lee Nabi is a 2nd Generation SoulWorker. She's trained for ten years with a group called the Starry Forest League to become as powerful as a true SoulWorker with her Soul Force emotion of Devotion.

SoulWorker introduces Lee Nabi

(Image credit: LionGames)

Like SoulWorker's other playable characters, Lee Nabi's origin as a SoulWorker is a tragic one. She becomes part of the Starry Forest League after the Vacuum swallows her home and family. Now as part of the Special Missions Unit of 2nd Generation SoulWorkers, she unquestioningly follows commands from its Order of Lords to investigate the original SoulWorkers in Western Cloudream. Playing as Lee Nabi, you'll uncover more about her past while fighting through her future as a SoulWorker.

Out in the combat Districts of Cloudream where Lee Nabi fights back the hordes of demons, she sets herself apart from other SoulWorkers with her Sniper Rifle. She can also attack with other firearms like pistols, turrets, and shotguns, but her Rifle is particularly special. Lee Nabi is now the longest range SoulWorker available, with agility that allows her to quickly reposition and attack enemies from any direction.

SoulWorker's combat is all about chaining together long combo attacks, and Lee Nabi excels at stacking up those numbers with her Rifle. She's able to place Bomb Wicks around the battlefield, setting off explosions with huge areas of effect to damage tons of enemies at once when used strategically. She also uses powerful Ground Attacks that reduce Stamina Consumption of her normal Rifle skills. Learning to chain together these tactical moves with Dodging and other Skills can make Lee Nabi an untouchable force.

"This update is the first one regarding a new character since servicing our game globally," says a Lion Games spokesperson. "We understand that many SoulWorker fans have been waiting for this update and will try our best to return the anticipation through various updates, in-game and other events. We hope everyone continues looking forward to our game."

Lion Games has announced that it will be giving out special Launch Packages for Lee Nabi when she arrives in-game. There will also be Costumes for Lee Nabi such as Spring Picnic, Romance and Blossom, Desire Worker, Blooming Dress, and more available to purchase  for you to stand out in the crowd of other newly created Lee Nabi players. 

SoulWorker is free to play on Steam, where you can begin playing as Lee Nabi when she joins the other SoulWorkers on July 22.