A guided tour of Bradwell Electronics in The Bradwell Conspiracy


Ever wanted to run amok with a 3D printer? Well your wait is over because near-future sci-fi puzzler The Bradwell Conspiracy is out now. Fusing narrative depth and world-building with puzzle-solving based around a handheld 3D printing gizmo, the game tasks you with escaping from a secret science facility running underneath Stonehenge.

As you plot your escape by solving puzzles, usually by way of 3D-printing objects, you’ll get to explore some impressive environments throughout the Bradwell Electronics Science Facility. Here we take you on a guided tour of some of our favourites.

The Stonehenge Museum

(Image credit: Bossa Studios)

Your misadventure begins in the Stonehenge Museum, which was built in 2025 a few short years after a tunnel network beneath the monument collapsed. Luckily, the community-minded folk at trailblazing science company Bradwell Electronics funded efforts to stabilise foundations around the area, building a research facility and museum while they were at it.

Feel free to wander around the museum, reading about the history of Stonehenge and Bradwell Electronics, then relaxing in the grand restaurant hall where you get a full view of the sun beaming down on the world’s most famous prehistoric monument.

Just try to ignore the fact that the whole building looks like it’s just survived an earthquake...


(Image credit: Bossa Studios)

Bradwell Electronics employees are required to have a basic understanding of the latest technologies available to the company.

First you’ll need to get to grips with the Guide Glasses, which let you take and share photos, communicate with other Glasses users, and link them to security clearance so that only Glasses registered to certain users can access certain parts of the building.

You’ll also get your hands on the SMP (Substance Mobile Printer),,,, a portable 3D printer capable of breaking down objects in your environment - from wooden planks to energy generators to little statues of puppies and kittens.

The induction will take you through a series of trials, teaching you how to use the SMP to solve puzzles before sending you out into the facility.

Medical Lab

(Image credit: Bossa Studios)

The comfort, health and wellbeing of staff is paramount to Bradwell Electronics, which is why the facility has a cutting-edge medical facility, complete with wards, relaxation areas, and evac pods for the swift evacuation of patients.

Sure, not all is perfect in the medical facility and there /may/ be some issues that prevent any of this life-saving equipment from functioning properly, but that’s precisely where you and your 3D printer come in. We’ll say no more...

You’ll need to go deep into the Bradwell Facility before you can escape, and the deeper you go the more you’ll see that was never meant for your eyes. Mysterious excavations, suspicious documents hinting at hidden plans, and countless puzzles that will require you to rely on a compelling mix of brainpower and 3D printing for you to progress.

There’s a whole lot more to explore in Bradwell Electronics, but our guided tour ends here.

If you want to get to the bottom of the facility’s secrets, head over to the Steam Store because The Bradwell Conspiracy is available to buy now.