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Gaslamp Games discusses emergent character traits in Clockwork Empires, head bumps

Omri Petitte at

The dark whimsy Gaslamp Games is piling into Clockwork Empires is delicious. Their dev blog continues to reveal pleasant surprises like creepy plant people and "BIRDS, terror of the open skies." The latest glimpse into the strange minds of Gaslamp came earlier this week in another update that breaks down how citizens' personality traits drive their Dwarf Fortress-like, emergent actions.

Interview: Gaslamp Games' mad, incredible vision for Clockwork Empires

Evan Lahti at

Our Clockwork Empires preview unearthed some clues and concepts lurking in Gaslamp Games’ steampunk city sandbox. To illuminate more of the game’s insanity (Elder God-summoning; weaponized zeppelins) and intricacy (procedural building technology; emergent character interactions), I’ve cut an interview based on a two-hour conversation with the developer.

“Interview” might not be accurate, actually. It’s more of a 9,000-word lobotomy of Gaslamp Games’ three founders, and also one of the most lively and entertaining conversations I’ve had with a group of game makers.