The Sims 4 is all about feelings. Feelings and rampant gesticulation

Tom Sykes

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As we know, The Sims 4's Big Thing is the emotions of its virtual people. Emotions such as 'happiness', 'disappointment', 'regret', 'the nagging feeling that some godlike figure is manipulating everything I do', and who could forget 'insouciance'. This latest trailer focuses on a bunch of less exciting feelings such as boredom and confidence, and the sims' constant over-gesticulation makes me think their latest game might be set on some terrifying Planet of the Mimes. Sure, that hyperactivity has always been a thing, but it seems extra mimey now that everyone's expressing emotions all the time.

I do hope the whole game isn't quite so arm-flailingly exaggerated as it is in that trailer—it would be exhausting. If you're currently feeling the emotion 'wondering whether The Sims 4 will run on my computer', wonder no more: it probably will . A reminder: The Sims 2 is now totally free over on Origin, so if hyper-expressive emotions aren't your bag, you could always dig into that game and its many, many expansions.

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