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Octodad to get new levels in free Shorts DLC

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Harrowing documentary series Octodad: Dadliest Catch will soon be supplemented by further glimpses into the life of the cephalopodic imposter. Octodad Shorts is a free DLC pack that will add new levels—providing additional scenarios for your many-flailing limbs to awkwardly navigate.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch review

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Octodad is a doting father and loving husband who mows the lawn, does the family's grocery shopping, and cooks the kids' dinners. He's also an octopus. That's the actually pretty funny premise behind Dadliest Catch, a physics playground and sort-of-puzzle game by new indie studio Young Horses, Inc. The joke is that even though he's literally an octopus in a suit, flopping around clumsily and knocking things over, no one ever acknowledges it. To his inexplicably human family, and everyone else, he's just a regular guy.

The first two levels are brilliant. Your tasks are mundane - weed the garden, grill burgers on the barbecue, pour your daughter a glass of milk, make coffee - but it doesn't matter, because you're an octopus. You control four of Octodad's limbs independently, which are ostensibly his arms and legs. Something as simple as opening the fridge, picking up the milk, carrying it into the living room, and pouring into the glass is rendered hilarious by his lack of a spine and wildly flailing appendages. Rooms are reduced to piles of rubble as you crash through them.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch trailer proves that tentacles and tuxedos don't mix

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Octodad: Dadliest Catch isn't due out until next year. To tide you over until then, you can watch one a playthrough of one the game's missions, Wedding Bells, in which the undercover octopus prepares to wed his fiansea. Whatever you do, do not attempt to work out the logistics of their wedding night. Instead, enjoy cephalopodic destruction, and the new voice acting that's been added to the game.

How Octodad became popular: from student project to cephalopod about town

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Octodad, a physics-based adventure by indie group Young Horses released in 2010, is about an octopus disguising himself as a human male. Let the brilliance of such a concept sink in for a moment. The student project slowly picked up media attention, and now in an official blog post, programmer Kevin Geisler has described the timeline of the adorably clumsy cephalopod's rise to fame.