Dirty Bomb enters closed alpha, get instant access - for a price

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Splash Damage's online FPS Dirty Bomb has started letting selected members of the public jump in to its London-based maps. Honestly, players are being allowed to run around unfinished versions of games earlier and earlier. Soon you'll be able to start shooting up wireframe walls with no skybox.

Dirty Bomb footage shows havoc on the streets of London

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We've previously seen the mean, derelict streets of Dirty Bomb's London. Now we get a taste of what Splash Damage wants us to do on them. Turns out it's kill each other. Who would have thought?

Splash Damage announce Dirty Bomb, a London-based multiplayer FPS

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Splash Damage, the creators of Brink and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, have just released a teaser video for Dirty Bomb, a multiplayer first-person shooter that's "made for PC".