Oculus Rift consumer model reported to be releasing in 'beta' next summer

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I'd like to issue a formal apology on behalf of everyone who keeps going on about the Oculus Rift. Sorry. It's just that the current development kits are filled with the promise of exciting escapism—even if it is to some deeply strange places. Luckily for everyone not yet prepared to deal with the DK2's current issues, news has emerged of the planned release window of the long-awaited consumer edition.

The PC Gamer Show Episode 0: E3

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As we started planning for E3, the busiest week of the year, we decided that simply covering every PC game we could get our hands on at the convention wasn't enough. We wanted to do something ambitious. Something that would make our lives harder. Something like shooting the first episode of a new bi-weekly series about PC games. We're calling it The PC Gamer Show.

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey thinks 30 frames per second is 'a failure'

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Developers offer plenty of reasons for 30 frames per second in blockbuster games, but Palmer Luckey isn’t having a bar of it. According to the Oculus Rift founder, not only is it inexcusable in virtual reality, but even consoles and onscreen PC games shouldn’t be let off the hook.

Oculus Rift interview with Nate Mitchell at E3 2014

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The Oculus Rift was one of our favorite things about last year's E3, so we were even more excited to see it at E3 2014. While both Evan and Wes got to try the new Rift DK2 unit and a trio of demos, they also spoke with Oculus vice president Nate Mitchell about the company's big hires—such as Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin—and big plans for first-party content.

The Rift Report: marriage problems, Skyrim, and virtual voyeurism

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Every Tuesday Andy straps on the Oculus Rift and dives headfirst into the world of virtual reality. Is it really the future of PC gaming? Let’s find out.

Now that the Facebook buyout story is yesterday’s chip paper, everyone has stopped talking about Oculus Rift. Not me, though. The headset is a permanent fixture on my desk, and I’m always keeping my eye on sites like RiftEnabled and Oculus VR Share for new demos to try. It’s a minefield, though. The open nature of the hardware means there’s a lot of crap out there in Rift land, but it’s amazing that most of the good ones I feature in The Rift Report are made by one person in their spare. Imagine what a team of 100 developers with a blockbuster budget could do.

Oculus VR hires Valve VR expert Michael Abrash as chief scientist

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Three days after Oculus announced that it was being purchased by Facebook for $2 billion, the VR company has hired programmer Michael Abrash, who has worked at Valve since 2011. Abrash has been working on Valve's virtual reality technology for the last couple years, and regularly posts deep technical discussions of VR on his blog. Abrash is joining Oculus as Chief Scientist, and in his introductory post on Oculus' website, he cites the Facebook acquisition--and Facebook's deep pockets--as "the final piece of the puzzle" necessary for VR to achieve greatness.

The future of PC gaming: virtual reality

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All week long, we're peering ahead to what the future holds for the PC gaming industry. Not just the hardware and software in our rigs, but how and where we use them, and how they impact the games we play. Here's part three of our five-part series; stay tuned all week for more from the future of PC gaming.

Palmer Luckey has dedicated his career to virtual reality and bet millions of investment dollars on the idea, so it’s expected that he would call it “the most exciting technology of the last century.” It’s still a bold statement from the young entrepreneur and founder of Oculus VR, and we told him as much during our chat at CES 2014.

Oculus Rift's Crystal Cove shows off new low-latency screen and positional head tracking

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The Oculus Rift has been making waves in PC gaming for a while, but mostly absent from the buzz has been the company behind Oculus, Oculus VR. Apparently they’ve been saving up all that excitement for this year’s CES, where they unveiled a new prototype, the Crystal Cove. Our friends at Tested got to have a long hands-on with the new prototype, and I’m not even a tiny bit bitter or jealous about that. At all.

Jonathan Blow teases VR support for The Witness

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Jonathan Blow, the frequently outspoken developer behind indie hit Braid and upcoming puzzle game The Witness, has posted a pair of pictures hinting that virtual reality support may be coming to the Myst-alike. The images feature the unmistakable double-vision familiar from every Oculus Rift game demo, and as pointed out by an eagle-eyed commenter on Blow’s site, the images are titled VR1 and VR2.

Watch 15 minutes of Half-Life 2 on the Oculus Rift

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We reported last week that Half-Life 2 now has official, Valve-implemented Oculus Rift support, but let's face it: the odds are against you actually having an Oculus Rift dev kit (and if you do: can I come around and play it?). In an effort to convey some insight into how the classic works in full VR mode, YouTube user Vaecon has offered up a 15 minute walkthrough. As with most Oculus Rift "footage", it's riddled with amazed gasps and lots of childish moaning.

Half-Life 2 gets official Oculus Rift support

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If you're looking for an excuse to take another trek through City 17 and points beyond, and you've got an Oculus Rift developer kit handy, you can now opt in to a beta build of Half-Life 2 with support for the VR peripheral. It's as simple as adding "-vr" (without quotes) to the Set Launch Options line in the game properties, and making sure you've opted into the beta for SteamPipe.

DICE seeking thesis student to implement Oculus Rift support in Frostbite

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DICE has put out a call for a master thesis student capable of implementing support for the Oculus Rift SDK in the Frostbite Engine, meaning the much-hyped VR headset is at least in the developer's periphery. It also answers the question: "Can university life become even further removed from reality?"

Mirror's Edge now running in Oculus Rift, thanks to third-party drivers

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There are two amazing things about this video. The first is what its showing: DICE's first-person freerunner Mirror's Edge running (mostly) smoothly in the Oculus Rift. The second is the reaction cam, and the chance to see someone responding to a VR playthrough of a game that heavily features head-twisting balance challenges and running face first into a wall.

Okay, three amazing things. Those googly eyes should be an out-of-the-box feature.

GDC 2013: Valve's Michael Abrash on the challenges of VR - "a new world is emerging"

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Valve's wearable computing wizard, Michael Abrash, hosted a lecture at GDC about the challenges of virtual reality, and where the tech might be headed in the future. He's now posted a transcript of the talk on his Valve Time blog. Abrash's musings will be familiar to anyone who follows the incredibly detailed analyses he posts. The talk is a sort of amalgamated greatest hits - presumably the crowd were on their feet cheering when he blasted out the first few bars of Latency.

Oculus Rift development kits are now shipping

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It's April 1st, meaning there's a good chance that everything you read today will be a lie. Even that last sentence? Well, it's April 1st, so best be safe and assume so. Luckily, the news that Oculus Rift development kits are now being shipped out comes from the tail end of last week, back when people weren't arbitrarily required to make stuff up.

Oculus Rift won't ship with Doom 3 BFG Edition, game no longer supported at launch

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If you backed Oculus Rift - the fancy virtual reality headset thingy - on Kickstarter, you were probably hoping it would ship with a game for you to use it with, when they send ze goggles out to you in the next few days. That game was supposed to be Doom 3 BFG Edition, as an "extra thank you" to backers, but unfortunately the offer's no longer on the table. As relayed to backers, and posted on NeoGAF, the game won't support the Rift development kit by the time the headset starts shipping out - but it's not all non-Doom and gloom. There are number of compensation options, detailed below, including Steam credit or even a full refund for your pledge, if you've lost faith.

Skyrim becomes the latest game to receive a VR hack - this time with a treadmill

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Today's jaw-dropping VR hack comes not from the Oculus Rift, but the Virtuix Omni - a sort of half baby walker, half Moonwalk simulator. Between the device, the glasses and the Kinect sensor, we see some amazingly responsive (as prototypes go) tracking of Skyrim being played. Just think, a No Fast Travel playthrough could end up an effective exercise regime.

Crysis gets VR mod - beam maximum graphics directly into your face

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Listen, developers: if you're planning to add Oculus Rift support into your games, you'd better do it quick. Wait too long and modding powerhouse Nathan Andrews will beat you to it. He's unstoppable. Fresh from taming the Source engine to add head and gun tracking to Half-Life 2 and Black Mesa, he's now turned his attentions to the CryEngine, and has a video of Crytek's first nanosuited outing running with the tech.

Team Fortress 2: Valve have been developing a VR port for the last year

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Valve will be delivering two talks at the next Game Developers Conference in March. No, you can stop swinging your replica Gordon Freeman crowbar with joy - both sessions will focus on the developer's work in the field of VR and wearable computing. One of them, titled "What We Learned Porting Team Fortress 2 to Virtual Reality," suggests that Valve have been attempting to port Team Fortress 2 to Virtual Reality. Granted, it's a subtle hint.

Valve: Virtual-reality hardware needs a "Kobayashi Maru moment"

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Ladies and gentlemen of PC gaming, we've officially come full circle: A gaming studio used a Star Trek reference while discussing the future of virtual reality on the internet. In a lengthy dissertation posted last week on the Valve Time blog, programmer Michael Abrash stated display latency represents the primary bottleneck VR hardware—including Valve's secretive wearable computing project—needs to address when compared to the eye's behavior in the real world. The post also apparently proves Valve's slow transformation into a real-life Aperture Laboratories.