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And that was the end of chess.” Viktor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming. net, is describing the day his boyhood pastime died, in 1996, when IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer defeated Garry Kasparov.

Kislyi had been playing chess for seven years. He had competed in regional championships in his home city of Minsk while trying to master “the mother, father, grandfather, grandmother of all games,” as he describes it.

“And then the world champion Kasparov lost to pretty much a calculator the size of your cellphone,” he says. “It’s a very beautiful game, don’t get me wrong, but the world of civilisation had to move on.”

My cellphone is currently recording our conversation on the top floor of a tall office tower in Minsk. Several hundred employees occupy six floors of the building, and the company has plans to expand to three more before the year is out. The staggering success of World of Tanks has kicked expansion plans into overdrive. are bigger than they have ever been, but it took more than a decade of hard lessons before they struck gold. CEO: "It would take EA two and a half years to replicate World of Tanks"

Owen Hill at's CEO, Victor Kislyi, is extremely proud of World of Tanks. I interviewed him a few weeks ago and asked whether his massively successful free-to-play tank sim would benefit from Steam support.

"Name me one free-to-play game that Steam has" asks Victor.

"Umm... Spiral Knights, Champions Online?"

"Champions? OK, Champions Online on Steam. What kind of players now?" The CEO flips open his laptop and loads up Steam's stat page.

"One...thousand...ok... the peak? Two thousand. See?"

Victor flips his laptop so I can read the stats myself. He continues: "World of Tanks, three days ago, in Russia alone – 180 thousand. All the free to play games on Steam combined would be within the statistical deviation of World of Tanks in Russia."

Victor sure does love his World of Tanks. He's also hilarious. Read on for more free-to-play's most charismatic CEO.

World of Tanks devs to announce new project at Gamescom

Tom Senior at announce that they will be revealing a brand new project at Gamescom next month. It's surprising news given that they only recently unveiled World of Warplanes at this year's E3 conference. It's not clear yet whether the "project" will be a new game, or have anything to do with World of Tanks, all we know is that it's something "recently started to develop."

We got a chance to catch up with CEO Victor Kislyi recently at a tank festival. In the shadow of a looming Churchill we discussed the future of the and the World of... series. Kislyi said "we are thinking about Battleships."

World of Warplanes first details. Will have same "gold, experience, economics" as World of Tanks

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We recently interviewed Wargaming.Net CEO, Victor Kislyi about World of Warplanes, the follow up to World of Tanks that was announced at E3 this year. Warplanes will follow a similar free-to-play format tof WoT, with the same "gold, experience" and "economics," and is set to include planes from "big plane nations" like Russia, Germany, Britain, France, America and Japan.

Kislyi says the team are trying to strike a similar balance to World of Tanks, combining accessible controls with historically accurate World War 2 war machines. This time around, Wargaming.Net are going for a new audience. "It's important to understand, we want to concentrate this game on air combat enthusiasts," said Kislyi. "We want to go to air shows. We want to go to air museums. We want to talk to people who fly those hardcore flight simulations."