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Natural Selection 2 dev hands control over to community modders

Ian Birnbaum at

Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the developer behind Alien-tastic asymmetrical shooter Natural Selection 2, is handing over control to a squad of community modders. Unknown Worlds is a relatively small outfit, and they’ve moved on to working full-time on Subnautica. A group of 14 community members will “voluntarily dedicate their time and experience” to continuing to update, refine, and upkeep Natural Selection 2.

Natural Selection 2 World Championship Tournament sees crowdfunding success

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Indie shooter Natural Selection 2 will get a world championship. The FPS/RTS hybrid's community-led project has raised the full $30,000 it said it needs to bring 24 players to Cologne, Germany and stage an eSports event to determine a winning team. An ambitious goal, to be sure, but the money is now there to make it happen, according to the fan effort's official crowdfunding site.

Natural Selection 2 developer deactivates over a thousand Steam keys, warns of "shady" resellers

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Natural Selection 2 developer Unknown Worlds has deactivated 1,341 Steam keys for the game, after a charge-back to their store resulted in a $30,000 fee for the small studio. In a post explaining the situation, they say the keys were bought to be resold through third party sites, likely using stolen credit card information.

"Keys were then sold through a handful of questionable sites to people using legitimate credit cards. The owner of the stolen credit card ultimately disputed the charge and we lost the sale. In total, we lose ~$45 per transaction of this kind, due to the charge-back fee (~$22 fee + $25 game price)."

Natural Selection 2 dev "filled with sadness" over Aliens: Colonial Marines

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Unknown World's Natural Selection 2 has kept its horned head low throughout Aliens: Colonial Marines' pasting from critics, but in a forum post, Unknown's PR head Hugh Jeremy now says the NS2 team feels only sadness in place of its initial awe and even fear of the bigger-budget competitor.

Natural Selection 2 by the numbers: 144,000 copies sold in first week

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A radar ping interrupts the silence in the bulkhead. The sensor doesn't indicate a direction of the reading—but something lurks out there. Something big. Your squadmates back at base whispered anecdotes about this monstrosity while huddled around chow tables and lockers. A throaty growl rumbles behind you. The hallway's murky emergency lighting flickers. Whirling, you see your doom: a slavering Natural Selection 2 infographic. Biting back panic, you raise your rifle for a final blaze of glory....

Natural Selection 2 pre-order slithers onto Steam for October release

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After baking within a veined, softly pulsating cocoon for an agonizingly long time, Unknown Worlds' FPS/RTS hybrid Natural Selection 2 appeared on Steam today for pre-order with an October release window. My Fade's inner mandible shifts in excitement.

Natural Selection 2 closed beta launches today, new trailer

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Fans of the original Natural Selection Half Life mod have been waiting a long time for the sequel, but Natural Selection 2 is edging closer and closer to release with the launch of today's closed beta and a new trailer showing a new alien class, the teleporting Fade monster.