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Naval War: Arctic Circle review

Tim Stone at

I think I’ve just worked out why I auto-resolve most naval battles in Total War. Creative Assembly’s briny barneys are criminally short of nuclear subs, AWACS aircraft, and antimissile missiles.

Two lines of wooden warships, 200 yards apart, cannoning the poop decks out of each other? Usually pretty dull. Two fleets of steel warships, 200 miles apart, trying to detect and destroy each other without being detected and destroyed? Invariably bally riveting.

Naval War: Arctic Circle surfaces on April 10th

Chris Thursten at

Turbo Tape's Naval War: Arctic Circle is set for release next week, Paradox have revealed. The real-time naval strategy game has been on our long-range radar for a while, but we weren't expecting it to sneak up on us so quickly - which, I suppose, is the point.

It's set in a hypothetical near-future cold war, where dwindling resources force the NATO countries and Russia into conflict in the far north. You control fleets of ships, subs and aircraft across vast swathes of ocean, and clever use of radar and reconnaissance craft will be key to getting the drop on your opponent. "Naval War: Arctic Circle is a modern wargame that reflects the reality of naval combat in the near future" says the press release accompanying the announcement, "where you could be easily eliminated by a 10,000 tonne ship you never even see." I live in perpetual fear of being crushed by a 10,000 tonne ship I never even see, so this sounds like the game for me.