Relic says a new Dawn of War is a "strong possibility"

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It's been over two years since we hot-dropped onto the battlefields of the 41st Millennium in Dawn of War II: Retribution, and the sale of Relic to Sega has left the series' future a mystery. While Relic's in-house property, Company of Heroes, changed hands along with them, there has been no official word on whether or not Warhammer owners Games Workshop will continue to license the franchise to the RTS developer. Speaking to Eurogamer recently, Relic's Quinn Duffy gave us hope for a third entry in the franchise, saying there is "a strong possibility we'll all be working together again on Dawn of War."

Saints Row 4's producer: "I don't think that SR's tone gets in the way of bigger sales"

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Aliens, superpowers, inflation lasers, a dubstep gun - judging from its short teaser trailer, Saints Row IV looks to be the most ridiculous game in the series yet. Speaking to OXM, Volition senior producer Jim Boon responded to comments made by Cliff Bleszinski - who suggested the game should tone down its more juvenile elements - saying, "I think our tone is an element of our success."

Homeworld license auctioned off - just not to the Save Homeworld campaign

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Homeworld has finally left the barren wasteland that was once Planet THQ and taken a hyperspace jump into the unknown. Wherever its destination, one place it won't be stopping is Save Homeworld - Team Pixel's crowdsourced campaign to secure the license, and in turn a direct sequel. The $70,000+ raised through Kickstarter and IndieGoGo will now be refunded to the campaign's many backers.

Metro: Last Light development unhampered by THQ fragment

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4A's Metro: Last Light escaped being lost forever in the murky tunnels of development limbo after Dead Island publisher Deep Silver picked up the game when THQ's light sputtered out. Its original March release date took a bump into May after the sale, but in an interview with VG247, Deep Silver Global Brand Manager Huw Beynon says the delay is purely because of administrative busywork and not a snag in the game's actual formation.

Metro: Last Light release date announced, arrives in May

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And sigh of relief. While the various new owners of THQ's properties were always going to forge ahead with those games already close to completion, there's something about seeing a firm, solid release plan that takes the edge off the uncertainty that's plagued the period. Today, Deep Silver announce that Metro: Last Light will launch May 14th in America and May 17th through Europe.

THQ's remaining properties to be auctioned in April - Homeworld and Darksiders up for grabs

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The date's been set for the final court-supervised auction of THQ's remaining properties. Those titles not bought in January's fire sale have been divided into lots, with initial bids due in April 1st. Final bids are required by April 15th, then, pending court approval, THQ expects to sell the remaining vestige of its existence by mid-May. *Sniff*

While the tastiest morsels have already been picked away, there's still some meat clinging to the THQ bone. Darksiders, Homeworld and Red Faction are all looking for a new home. In an ideal world, the Homeworld license will be picked up by someone who'll actually use it, and Red Faction will end up somewhere that recognises the brilliance of Guerrilla over the mediocrity of Armageddon.

PC Gamer US Podcast #342 - Canadian Hands

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After a few opportunities to dig into SimCity, Tyler, Evan, and Omri share their impressions of the game so far and reflect further on the expected impact of the city size restriction. Beyond that, we talk over the effect of THQ's closure, whether Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PC, and answer listener questions on voice acting and AI in RPGs.

Listen to PC Gamer Podcast 342: Canadian Hands

Crytek form new studio, fill it with ex-Vigil staff

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The aftermath of the THQ bankruptcy left Darksiders developer Vigil without a buyer. But while the studio has been closed down, many of its former staffers may have found a happy end to the sorry saga. Crytek have founded a new studio in Austin, Texas, with Vigil's co-founder David Adams in place as its CEO. The new development house - Crytek USA Corp. - has been filled with "core" members of the Vigil team.

The five best game trailers of all time

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This week has seen the release of several pre-rendered cinematic trailers. Exciting though theywere, brows were raised, then furrowed, then frowned in the PCG office as we noted how precious little these dramatic scenes reflected the actual action of the game.

It need not be so. Even fully pre-rendered trailers can do a better job of encapsulating the games they promote - and probably do a better job of selling them too. We cast our minds back to our favourite trailers of yore, and picked out the five that we felt best captured the games within, while offering visuals that are every bit as thrilling, powerful and cool.

The THQ aftermath: Why did no-one buy Vigil?

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Darksiders 2 may not have had the care and attention we like to see of a PC port, but that didn't hold back the game's tough, rewarding combat from making the game an overall enjoyable experience. So when the details of THQ's auction were revealed, it was a surprise to see that no-one had bid for Vigil. What gives?

Crowdfunding campaign seeks rescue of Homeworld license from THQ

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TeamPixel, an independent web development and design studio, has launched an IndieGoGo campaign (via VG247) to gather funds for acquiring and continuing the Homeworld property from THQ after the company was fragmented and sold off at auction earlier this week. The drive lasts for 14 days and asks for $50,000 to "preserve access to one of the major landmarks in sci-fi and RTS gaming for fans both old and new."

THQ remembered: the ten best games

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Farewell then, THQ. Yesterday saw the publisher’s final assets sold off to a variety of buyers, and while many good people (and franchises) managed to find a new home, our thoughts and well-wishes are with those that didn’t. As we’re in a reflective mood, we thought it only appropriate to commemorate the loss of this fine company with a look back at ten of the best games it’s delighted us with over the years.

THQ dissolves, auctions off franchises and studios - here's who bought what

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THQ is no more: the bankrupt publisher and developer auctioned off its assets in U.S. Bankruptcy Court today. Though the court must still approve the sales, a letter from THQ's CEO (which was passed to Kotaku by an employee) reveals the bidders, which include Sega, Ubisoft, Deep Silver, Crytek, and Take-Two, and the THQ franchises and studios they'll acquire. Inside is a breakdown of who's getting what, and what led to today's sale.

THQ's franchises and studios to be auctioned off on a "title by title" basis

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We're heading towards the conclusion of THQ's ongoing bankruptcy saga. After the publisher's creditors raised objections over its hoped-for quick sale - objections which were upheld by a US judge - details are emerging about how that sale will eventually go down.

THQ's quick sale blocked in response to creditors' complaints

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Last week we brought news that THQ's hopeful quick sale to the equity firm Clearlake was in trouble, following objections raised by a US Trustee and the publisher's own creditors. Today, a US judge has upheld those objections, saying the proposed sale process hasn't given potential buyers enough time to make a bid.

THQ's quick sale could stall; creditors say the terms aren't in their "best interests"

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Last month THQ declared bankruptcy and announced plans to sell to the equity firm Clearlake Capital. It was a troubling development for the struggling publisher, but if the sale goes as planned, it will mean they could potentially continue to operate, without the need for staff cuts or game closures. Unfortunately, the sale may not go as planned.

Call of Duty "stamped out memories" of what made FPS games great, says THQ

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THQ's global communications boss Huw Beynon recently spoke to OXM about Metro: Last Light's post-apocalyptic appeal and handsome Russian mutants. Benyon's thoughts eventually expanded to a criticism of the rut he believes the FPS genre has wallowed in for years. Specifically, he calls out Call of Duty's rinse-repeat military formula for "stamping out" other creative shooter ideas.

STALKER Lost Alpha mod expands explorable land, adds cut and new features

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An ambitious international modding team has taken on the challenge of expanding and adding to GSC's bleak survival-horror STALKER on a significant scale. The group's project is called STALKER Lost Alpha, and it's churned in the reactor core long enough for numerous screenshots and videos to emerge tracking the mod's progress.

THQ declares bankruptcy, will continue publishing duties

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In a statement released today, THQ announced it filed bankruptcy as part of a sale to equity firm Clearlake Capital. Though financial issues troubled the publisher in the past, the announcement stressed everything will continue as normal while THQ seeks a new owner.

South Park: The Stick of Truth initially lacked funding at Obsidian

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Obsidian's uncannily accurate recreation of South Park's art, animations, and fart jokes in its upcoming Stick of Truth RPG first came into being without a budget. Kotaku's lengthy profile of the storied studio revealed that CEO Feargus Urquhart and his team constructed early prototypes for show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker without financial support.