Call of Duty: Online adds robot zombies mode

Emanuel Maiberg at

Call of Duty: Online, the free-to-play, online only, microtransaction-fueled multiplayer shooter published exclusively in China, is adding robot zombies to the game. I didn’t miss an “and” there—these enemies are mechanized walking corpses, or, rather, robots that once lived and have come back from the dead. Actually, I’m not sure what they are, other than cooler than anything I’ve seen in a Call of Duty game lately.

Monster Hunter Online trailer shows the monsters that will be hunted

Phil Savage at

You're developing a game called Monster Hunter Online. You need to show that game in the form of a trailer. What do you do? Tencent, who are developing MHO, sensibly chose a monster parade, showing off everything from a giant armoured beaver-bear, to, er, a warthog. But, like, a really big warthog. With massive tusks. So it's still pretty threatening.

Call of Duty Online on its way to China

Tom Hatfield at

The money printing behemoth that is Call of Duty just got even bigger. Activision have announced Call of Duty Online, a free to play multiplayer version of CoD aimed at the lucrative Chinese market. Chinese law requires that any Western studio wanting to release a game work with a local business partner, so Activision are partnering with Chinese publisher Tencent to make it happen.

But why should we care about a game destined for the Chinese market? Well dear readers, what happens in China no longer stays in China. Games like Crytek's Warface have used a successful eastern release as a springboard to enter the western market.