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The Escapists infiltrates Steam Early Access

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The Escapists is a game about breaking out of prison, from the studio that made that game about a heroic potato. Banged up for 30 years for a crime you maybe did commit, The Escapists tasks you with busting out of a fortified penitentiary, using a variety of tools and methods to achieve this. It all sounds rather exciting and open-ended, and it's now on Steam Early Access so we can check for ourselves.

Schrodinger's cat alive and well in new puzzle-platformer from Team 17 and Italic Pig

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I was a bit concerned about Schrodinger's famous cat for a while there - being both alive and dead can't be particularly healthy - but he's turned up in the land of the living in Italic Pig's colourful puzzle-platformer Schrodinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark. The reveal trailer, below, doesn't give much away, but we can expect "a wacky action-adventure-platformer-puzzler that blazes irreverently through the wild wonders of the Standard Model, combining lateral-thinking multi-solution logic puzzles with Fists-of-Feynman kickass combat action". All of which sounds pretty good to me. Theses puzzles will involve words like 'quantum' and 'quarks' and oh dear my brain has melted already.

Flockers is a new Lemmings-style game from Worms studio, Team 17

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Team 17's press release describes this as "a twisted blend of Lemmings’ inspired gameplay and Tim Burton style macabre", which suggests a) we'll be guiding queues of suicidal sheep around giant mincing death-traps and b) Helena Bonham Carter will be in it somewhere. It's the first non-Worms game from Team 17 since their top-down shootery Alien Breed games, which had the misfortune of being released alongside Valve's free and superior Alien Swarm. Can nostalgia and a touch of dark humour bring them more luck?

Alien Breed 3: Descent is out; demo also available

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Alien Breed 3: Descent is out, concluding Team 17's modern re-imagining of the classic Alien Breed series. The final part of the trilogy has grizzled chief engineer Theodore Conrad battling the alien menace on an icy, infested planet, working to get his ship operational. There's a demo available, too, so you can try out the new weapons and survivor mode levels. The launch trailer and link to the demo is embedded below.

Worms Reloaded review

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Amazingly enough, Worms: Reloaded is Worms. Do you like Worms? It's Worms! You don't like Worms? Move along, it's just Worms. They may be higher resolution than they were back in the 90s, the backgrounds a little more interesting, and the weapons more explosive, but at heart this is exactly the same turn-based war of bazooka-wielding annelids we saw in 1995, 1998, and every other Worms game ever, ignoring the series' brief jump into 3D back in 2003. It's also much the same game as last year's Worms 2: Armageddon over in Xbox 360 land, albeit with a few more toys thrown in.

Worms Reloaded trailerised

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If you're looking for a video featuring a worm doing an impression of David Attenborough, then you've come to the right place. The latest trailer for Worms Reloaded also features plentiful explosions and a host of doomed worms screaming in panic before being nailed by an airstrike. Just like the old days.

Worms Reloaded trailer

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Worms. Whenever Team 17 step up to the stage with their newest material, "Worms!" is what we chant at them. This time, their newest material is Worms. Worms Reloaded will have the classics, of course - the Ninja Rope, the Sheep, the Holy Hand Grenade - but this new trailer shows that it'll also have magnets and resurrection. Those are our two most favourite things at PC Gamer. Trailer is below:

Alien Breed: Impact review

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The menacing grey corridors and relentless, Gigeresque monsters of the original Alien Breed scared me half to death as a tyke, so it was with some nervousness that I booted up Team 17’s modern take on their classic top-down shooter. It may not be as frightening, but in many ways it’s a faithful re-imagining, right down to the voice of the ship’s computer, who never tires of calmly predicting imminent disaster on a ship that’s never more than a few moments away from imminent disaster.

PC has Worms again: Worms Reloaded trailer

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When it comes to side-on, turn based team shooters with destructible terrain, there has never been a finer example than the Worms franchise. Except, in the beginning, there was Scorched Earth. Worms is back from stumbling blindly around the consoles and trying to go 3D. Here's a trailer for their soon-to-hit-Steam title Worms Reloaded to prove it: