Steam Trading Cards

Steam launches Trade Offers, enabling offline offering for inventory items

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It must be hard for the professional Steam traders. They're forced to work long hours, bartering for and upselling the best cards. They're not even allowed to take the smallest of breaks, lest they miss a chance to secure their future with a shiny foil Dale Earnhardt Jr. It's a stressful lifestyle, with only the promise of vast riches keeping them going. It'll be no small comfort for them to learn that Steam have introduced Trade Offers, a system that lets users send pre-packaged offers for their friends/business partners to accept, reject, or counter-propose.

Zeno Clash 2 gets Frame-rate Challenge Mode, pitting your GPU against wireframe hordes

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The quirky brawler and all-around weird game Zeno Clash 2 is getting some additions today to the tune of Steam Trading Card support and two new game modes. Coliseum Challenge Mode introduces a wave-based scenario with no limit on the number of allies, while the Frame-rate Challenge Mode will seek a new opponent: your PC.

How to make money from Steam Trading Cards

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If you read my account of being sucked into the madness that is Steam Trading Cards, you probably thought to yourself "Wow I wonder if I can make money out of these without going crazy like this idiot did?" The answer to that question is "Yes, you totally can!" and I wish I'd done it that way too.

Making money from cards is simple: Get cards, sell them on the market, and never actually use them to craft anything. The trick is to act fast, because right now, thanks to the Steam sale, the trading card market economy is crashing so fast it makes Greece look healthy in comparison. Get your cards quickly, sell them cheaply, and get out. Don't ever bother waiting for prices to go up, because that isn't going to happen soon.

What's the best way to get cards? What's the best Steam level to reach before trading? How does one get booster packs? Here's a simple breakdown containing the info your need to do some quick 'n dirty Steam profiteering, and hopefully make enough to pick up something new in the Steam sale.

Card shark: One man's quest to turn a profit from Steam card trading

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Like many, I rolled my eyes at the concept of Steam Trading Cards. "Worthless pictures of games being sold for real money? Why bother?" But immediately after my disdain came a second, more treacherous thought: "Can I make any money out of this?" The idea was tempting. Cards are relatively easy to find, so all I needed to do was not care about actually making any badges and I could make a killing, or at least a modest maiming. So I set myself a target: Could I, an economic dunce, make enough money from trading cards to buy myself a copy of the sweet roguelike, Rogue Legacy (£12 / $15 base price on Steam)? I grabbed a brick phone, yuppied up and got to work.

My starting plan was beautiful in its simplicity - I would do basically nothing. The simplest way to get cards is just to boot up as many card capable games as possible and then wait. Eventually all this hard un-work would net me a steady drip feed of incoming cards. I was successfully monetising my own laziness, one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Truly I was unstoppable.

Steam Trading Cards is now live

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Just as promised, Steam Trading Cards is now live. The virtual cards can be earned by playing participating games on Steam, trading with other users, or buying on the Steam Marketplace. Complete a set to create a badge, earn rewards and XP, and level up. The user with the highest Steam level at the end of the year gets to high five Gabe Newell while announcing Half-Life 3. In space.

PC Gamer Podcast #356 - Scrolls and Skrulls

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This week, we're finally going to finish talking about E3. We promise. Specifically, which games from the show that might come to the PC do we want to see on our platform the most? Plus, we go in-depth on Mojang's new card battle game thing, Scrolls. And T.J. claims to actually enjoy Marvel Heroes, but how do we really know he wasn't replaced by some kind of alien bent on the subjugation of Earth?

Steam Trading Cards leave beta on Wednesday, ahead of event "everyone can be excited about"

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Valve have announced their latest Steam experiment - Trading Cards - will venture out from its beta home on Wednesday to journey across the entire community. The official release will see a selection of new games that support the feature, and will pave the way for new functionality in the future. In addition, Valve say it's the first step towards "an event we think everyone can be excited about."

Steam Trading Cards releases in beta, introduces game badges, XP, and leveling

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Join the Steam Trading Cards group on Steam to score a beta invite so you can start collecting trading cards, earning XP, and leveling up—yup, Steam just got gamified.