Steam Greenlight

Portal 2 mod swaps portals with paint in 26 new maps

Omri Petitte at

When billionaire bro Cave Johnson turned his vision away from the exciting world of shower curtains to tossing money at a bunch of science stuff, what if paint guns instead of portals were the result? That's the setting for Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative, a fledgling Portal 2 mod boasting 26 new puzzle floors designed for no portals whatsoever. Instead, we'll sail through that exit door by laying down carpets and dollops of the much-adored red and blue paint for speedy acceleration and longer airtime.

Consortium opens a rift to an alternate future of peacekeeping jumbo jets

Patrick Carlson at

Consortium, a new sci-fi adventure from Interdimensional Games, imagines a future of giant space planes running on clean energy. But the idiosyncratic starting point of this narrative involves the fictional launching of a satellite by the game developer that lets it communicate through a portal with an alternate reality. It’s through this “rift” that players inhabit the role of Bishop Six, a member of the Consortium crew.

New batch of Steam Greenlight approvals contains Depression Quest, Tangiers and X-Plane 10

Phil Savage at

Like an elderly contest judge at a village fête, Steam Greenlight has spluttered awake and handed out prize ribbons to another fifty games. Embossed on those ribbons? The phrase "I'm the best, and, at an unspecified time in the future - determined by both my own level of completion, and a conversation between my developer and Valve about the business strategy of my launch - I will be added to Steam." They're pretty big ribbons. This time, highlights of the current crop include Depression Quest, avant-garde stealth game Tangiers, and frighteningly detailed plane-'em-up X-Plane 10.

Strike Vector looking for recruits as it jets toward January open beta

Patrick Carlson at

We usually get a little metal with our mayhem whenever a new Strike Vector trailer surfaces, and the latest video doesn't disappoint. The indie, ship-based shooter has released some new footage to go along with a call to arms for any pilots eager to try out the game in an open beta set to start in early January.

Steam greenlights 100 new games, here are a couple you should check out

Emanuel Maiberg at

Valve today announced it has greenlit another batch of 100 new games, which will be made available worldwide through Valve's online storefront. The titles will be released independently in the weeks and months ahead as they wrap up development, and integrate any Steamworks features their developers want to include.

Indie platformer Aaru's Awakening releases demo, Dusk-focused trailer

Ian Birnbaum at

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Aaru’s Awakening, the striking hand-drawn platformer where you play rooster-bear Aaru, the champion of Dawn. It looks slick and very difficult, and seeing this kind of art come out of a small indie studio is a treat. Aaru’s Awakening now has a new trailer for the domain of Dusk and a new playable demo to help them over climb the summit of Steam's Greenlight process.

Probably Archery is definitely archery, but with apple-people, QWOP-style controls

Tom Sykes at

Probably Archery is definitely a game about archery. I mean look at it, it's got bows and everything. Where Probable Archery differs from Actual Archery is in its slightly terrifying enemies (muscly semi-naked men with apples for heads), its not exactly realistic situations, and oh yes the game's QWOP/Surgery Simulator-style controls. This means you have a startling degree of control over your arms (and in the game), and obviously that you're going to miss quite a lot.

This Halloween, there's No More Room in Hell—as a free standalone game on Steam

Michael Jones at

Take Left 4 Dead, add four more co-op partners, and make it so that one bite brings down a player. That's the gist of No More Room in Hell. The brutally challenging Half-Life 2 mod that won our 2012 Mod of the Year award has grown into a standalone game, and now it has a final Steam release date.

Steam Greenlight approves 37 more titles, including Ikaruga, TowerClimb, Steam Marines

Tom Sykes at

Well that was quick. Ikaruga only shot its way onto Steam Greenlight the other day, and it's already emerged from the other end of the Valve's giant approvals machine, covered in a viscous, sticky substance it's probably best not to investigate too strenuously. It's joined by 36 other assorted things (most of them games), including sci-fi roguelike Steam Marines, platforming roguelike TowerClimb (not to be confused with Towerfall), and lots of other things that aren't roguelikes - if you can imagine such a thing.

Hyper Light Drifter, Eldritch and Race The Sun among latest batch of Greenlit games

Phil Savage at

Valve are driving around with their headlights set to max, shining them full in the face of yet more indie games. This latest batch of Steam Greenlight approvals includes everything from the Lovecraftian roguelike Eldritch, to the hyper-pretty, hyper-funded Hyper Light Drifter, and Skyscraper Simulator, which I really hope is a simulator about being a skyscraper. Hopefully not the one from Battlefield 4.

Greenlight approves 25 new games, including Next Car Game and SuperHot

Phil Savage at

Bloody hell, SuperHot! You only added yourself to Steam Greenlight a few days ago, and already you've been approved. My guess is it cheated: stopping time in the moments between people voting. As a result, it and 24 other games have made it through PC gaming's X-Factor, and will be released on Steam in the coming months/years/millennia.

SuperHot dodges its way to Steam Greenlight for an expanded version

Phil Savage at

Hot soup! Time-bending FPS ballet Superhot was a brilliant example of the importance of the 7dFPS competition. It took a tired genre cliché - Bullet Time - and reinvigorated it with an elegant and simple twist. Time moves when you do, giving you the opportunity to methodically weave through levels with an assumed fluidity that's detached from skill and reflex. Also, at the end of each level, the game chants "Super Hot Super Hot" at you, which is badass. Such a winning formula deserves a more thorough exploration of the mechanic, which is on the cards if the game can slip through Steam Greenlight.

Roguelike RPG Legend of Dungeon launches on Steam today

Patrick Carlson at

Indie action RPG Legend of Dungeon launched on Steam today, capping a move by the game through the Greenlight program towards its eventual release. Beyond the game's colorful art style, LoD's randomized dungeons and single-player permadeath mechanic point to an interest in chaos and unpredictability.

Eldritch combines roguelike and immersive sim in a first-person Lovecraftian adventure

Phil Savage at

As we all know, the best way to run a popular PC gaming website is to go space game, roguelike, space game, roguelike in an endlessly alternating pattern. That would make it time for some roguelike news. Perhaps one that's first-person, has some action-RPG tendencies, and a Lovecraftian inspiration. I'm sure I've got something like that in my not so little black book. Aha, here it is: Eldritch.

New indie puzzler Sokobond could be your next chemistry teacher

Patrick Carlson at

What's the difference between water and cyanide, anyway? Chemistry explains how the bits and pieces that make up the universe hold themselves together and Sokobond, a new indie puzzle game from developers Alan Hazelden and Harry Lee, wants to help you understand how all those elements, compounds, and molecules actually function.

Particulars developer: more Steam Greenlight games means more competition, and that's good

Ian Birnbaum at

Last week, we saw the news that the normally glacial pace of Steam Greenlight had just hit a thaw: 100 games were greenlit at once. Greenlight approvals were usually limited to a mere ten at a time, and the process seemed to be a magnet for controversy. Now, an indie developer writes that although more approvals are great, more approvals also mean less coverage and prestige for greenlit games.

Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut gets Steam release on October 31

Perry Vandell at

Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut, or the update to what I like to call “Twin Peaks: The Video Game,” is bringing its coffee fortunes, raincoat killers, and other survival horror nonsense to your PC this Halloween.

Greenlight Anniversary Sale offers deals on 50 greenlit games

Phil Savage at

Steam is a distribution platform that thinks "because it's a Tuesday" is a good reason to cheapen up some games. As such, it's only to be expected that bigger milestones are an excuse for even bigger sales. Reasons like "because it's a Friday," or "because Greenlight is a year old". It's the latter that's cause for some series discounts, with an Anniversary event that flays up to 75% off some titles that have made it through the digital pageant.

Steam Greenlight approves largest batch yet, one hundred new titles greenlit

Phil Savage at

Somebody has given the Steam Greenlight valve a kick, turning the previous slow trickle of accepted indies into a full-on flood. Instead of the usual ten-at-a-time approval process, today Valve have cleared one hundred games to be sold on Steam, with a view to stress-testing their system. An August 28th Batch Workshop Collection has been created to let you browse through the mega-list.

Hot Tin Roof, a new noir-inspired 3D platformer, seeks Kickstarter funding

Ian Birnbaum at

A glorious looking new indie platformer, Hot Tin Roof: The Cat that Wore a Fedora, has just announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund the final stages of production. Set in a stylish film-noir world, Hot Tin Roof features a kitty investigator sidekick and a ton of style.