Steam Free Weekend

Torchlight 2 is having a free weekend trial

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Sometimes, games are a gruelling trial of hardship, strife and the worst excesses of humanity. DayZ, for instance, or trying to get a working match of Battlefield 4. Luckily, games are all about variety. So when you're fed up of being fed up, you can play a game about punching goblins into mince. To help sate that urge, gib-friendly ARPG Torchlight II is currently doing the Free Weekend thing on Steam; tempting you to pay its discounted price by giving a brief taste of the clicking, punching and thwacking it does so well.

Gun Monkeys can be played for free this weekend, is on sale for half price

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As Evan mentioned last night, Rising Storm is currently undergoing a free Steam weekend. But if Tripwire's brutal FPS doesn't appeal, there's another, far less harrowing route to moneyless multiplayer murder. Size Five Games' enjoyable one-on-one arcade battler Gun Monkeys can be trialled for free from now until this Sunday.

Natural Selection 2 gets Reinforced in time for free weekend, devs crowdfund future expansions

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Unknown Worlds have released a free expansion for their pus-filled strategy shooter Natural Selection 2. The Reinforced update bolsters the online FPS with, among other things, new weapons, traps, items and tutorials. It also adds DirectX 11, linux support and the long-awaited female marine model. While it will cost you zero pence to play the new content, that wasn't the case for those making it. In fact, the developers estimate that the expansion's creation cost them $550,000. As such, they're currently accepting crowdfunding donations to help them decide if future free content is feasible.

CS:GO free weekend starts today, runs until Sunday

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It seems a bit unfair that the only multiplayer FPS that's been burdened with a gross sounding nickname is Codblops. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we should stop, just that we shouldn't single Black Ops out. Surely there are other icky contractions to find. For instance, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which were currently letting off lightly with the totally normal CS:GO. I say we start calling it GlobOff instead.

Whatever we choose, it's having a free weekend on Steam. You can install it now by clicking these words.

Black Ops 2 gets free Steam weekend, double XP throughout

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Clearly Activision have been made aware of a small pocket of the population that are yet to have a Strong Opinion on their unstoppable FPS franchise. In which case, there's only one thing for it: deploy a free Steam weekend in the hope of tempting the last remaining vestiges of Call of Duty innocents to invite Black Ops 2 through their bandwidth.

It's good news for veterans, too: this influx of new recruits handily coincides with a Double XP weekend, which will be running from now until Monday.