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Star Citizen system requirements, modding and potential microstransactions detailed

Marsh Davies at

Star Citizen, the new space game from Wing Commander-creator Chris Roberts, has released a new FAQ which reveals the estimated system specs for the game, clarifies how modding will work - it is, in fact, highly encouraged - and what sort of things may be purchasable via microtransaction. Many of the other questions within the FAQ have already been covered in our substantial preview of the game, but it's good to hear Chris Roberts clarify the fine print on a few points.

Star Citizen warping toward funding goal with nearly $500K raised

Tyler Wilde at

Chris Roberts' epic new space combat simulation project is going to take a lot of work and a lot of money to realize. The latter part is coming along: as of this morning, Roberts says Star Citizen has earned $455,590 of its $2M goal through tiered pre-orders at robertsspaceindustries.com.