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Orion: Dino Horde stampedes onto Steam April 15 with new competitive multiplayer mode

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The next great challenge for the industry might be turning the PC into a bastion of shooting ancient dinosaurs in the maw with plenty of bullets and perhaps a rocket or two. The latest game vying to fill that gap is Orion: Dino Horde, a more robust followup to Spiral's shakily launched Dino Beatdown co-op shooter from last year. Along with continuing the same mode of class-based co-op against waves of scaly assailants, Dino Horde also brings 5 vs. 5 competitive matches with one team channeling their inner Skorpiovenator.

Orion: Prelude trailer features dinosaur war

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Orion: Prelude takes inspiration from fast paced multiplayer shooters like Unreal Tournament 2004, and then adds some Tribes style jetpacks, and rounds everything off with what Spiral Studios are calling "DINOSAUR INTERACTION." The final game will feature 30 weapons, several game modes and maps set on three planets, some of which will be populated by dinosaurs, who will scout the area, smashing up scenery and occasionally eating players.

The video above is from the latest build shown off at GDC last week, the finished game will have tanks, walking mechs and Velociraptors. There's a beta planned for summer, you can sign up on the Orion: Prelude site.