Spelunky speedrunner breaks world record with sub-2 minute run

Phil Savage at

Well this is a surprise. Not just the fact that someone has set a new Spelunky any% speedrunning record with a time of under 2 minutes, but also that you can use the game's Teleporter without immediately becoming fatally embedded inside of a wall. Both of these feats were performed by "Pibonacci", and have now been uploaded for all to see. Just make sure you've turned your speakers down... he becomes understandably, er, animated towards the end of the run.

Fallout 3 speedrunner beats the game in less than 24 minutes

Andy Chalk at

The sprawling, open world of Fallout 3 is inhabited by all manner of humans, mutants and monsters, and packed with hundreds of things to do. It easily offers dozens of hours of gameplay in the Capital Wasteland, and hundreds for gamers who immerse themselves deeply into its world. But as speedrunner BubblesDelFuego demonstrated over the weekend, it can also be wrapped up a little more quickly if you're pressed for time.

New world record speedrun finishes Half-Life 2 in under 90 minutes

Ian Birnbaum at

If you’re in the world-record setting speedrun business, your job got a little bit harder this weekend. On Saturday, the evil geniuses at SourceRuns posted a new world record speedrun video of Half-Life 2 completed in 1:27:51.09.

Dear Esther speedrun clocks up 23 minutes, point valiantly missed

Tom Sykes at

This is cute, and kind of stupid: someone has done a speedrun of Dear Esther, the atmospheric FPS-without-the-S that, until now, we would have considered unspeedrunable. We can only speculate whether Simon 'default' Albacke Eriksson - discovered via Kotaku on the Speed Demos Archive - set out to subvert the art game by missing the point entirely, or if he simply wanted to see how quickly it could be over with, but he managed to finish the game in a not-too-shabby 23 minutes.

Watch a guy complete Spelunky in under 3 minutes, after 8,685 attempts

Tom Francis at

Spelunky is a free, randomised platformer, so how long it takes you to complete depends on both skill and luck. So spare a thought for the guys trying to speedrun it. If you don't find the right items in the first few levels, you might as well restart. And even if you do, it's nail bitingly tricky to survive. Watch Exploding Cabbage's run, discovered via Mode 7 Games, and when he gets down to one health point, after 8,684 failed attempts, imagine how the close shaves feel.