Speed runs

Thief speedrunner shows what it takes to get a top score

Patrick Carlson at

Speedrunning a game like the new Thief sometimes means knowing when to slow down. Youtuber prenatual has set a pretty high standard with the complete playthrough documented above, a two-hour, 1300-point custom speedrun with no kills, alerts, or knockouts.

PC Gamer US Podcast #349 - Spiders in Space

PC Gamer at

Podcasting thrusters to max this week, as we discuss leadership changes at EA, BarCrafts, Lord British, Elder Scrolls Online, and the horror of extraterrestrial arachnids. They exist! For real!

Portal speed run record shattered

T.J. Hafer at

Way back in December 2009, when this humble intern was an even humbler college sophomore with no job who was sinking scores of hours into Dragon Age: Origins, we reported on a guy who goes by DemonStrate who beat Portal in a touch over 10 minutes. While that seemed astounding at the time, the record has since been smashed to pieces by SourceRuns, demolishing GLaDOS in just 8:31. That's a good minute and a half faster than DemonStrate, and 53 seconds faster than their own previous record-breaking run. See the video for yourself below.

Man bends time, dignity to beat Portal in 10 minutes

Evan Lahti at

We already know and love that the most athletic player movement happens on PC. Today, we learned of a new act of space-time gymnastics worthy of our internetting. DemonStrate has completed Portal in 10 minutes, utilizing known and new exploits to zap GLaDOS in the groin in just over 600 seconds. Prepare for irony: the sprint allegedly took two years to perfect. Video footage on the other side of this hypertext portal.

Project CR: Crowbar only Half-Life speed run

Jaz McDougall at

Half-Life speed runs are excellent viewing. The scripted sequences, perfectly tuned for cautious play, become a cacophony of explosions and ignored dialogue when one of these crazed Goldsource parkour ninjas railguns through the game. This one by Rofi is cooler than all of the others, for two reasons. The first is that it's a little bit quicker. The second is that he only uses the crowbar. And his MURDERFEET.