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Age of Wulin trailer knows kung fu, walks on water, defies physics

Tom Hatfield at

This trailer for upcoming free to play MMO Age of Wulin is clearly inspired by films like Hero and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It shows off a lot of fast paced martial arts action and graceful movement, including leaping up walls and running deftly across across water, culminating in two characters fighting while standing on the surface of a lake.

Graham was impressed by Age of Wulin when we saw it at Gamescom last month, and it looks like it has some interesting ideas, one of the most unusual being that your character becomes an NPC when you are logged out, helping populate towns with offline players.

Age of Wulin is will be released next year.

Giveaway: Become one of The Chosen with a closed beta key!

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Update: The winners have been Chosen! (See what I did there?) If you're one of the lucky winners, you'll be receiving your key shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered!

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