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Gateways review

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They might not be lookers, but at least you can’t accuse Dave Johnston’s catalogue of 2D platformers of style over substance. That’d be good news for Johnston’s sales figures, if only the substance in question wasn’t likely to leave massmarket focus groups frothing on the floor with their eyes rolling back into their rapidly melting brainpans.

Ruthlessly clever and pedantically demanding in its platforming trials, Gateways takes Portal’s central conceit of player-placed interspatial pathways and twists it into a series of challenges more elaborate (and often cruel) than anything Valve’s games have touched.

Steam Greenlight's $100 entry-fee: indie devs respond

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Indie devs seem to be divided over the recently announced Steam Greenlight $100 entry-fee. The idea’s well-intentioned: it’s to stop fakes, trolls and overenthusiastic members of the community filling the crowd-promotion service with games that aren’t theirs to develop. But others say such a figure is too much for struggling indies to afford and a dangerous gamble on a service which promises the submitting dev nothing solid in return.

Is the fee a good idea? A necessary evil? Will it crush aspirations or filter out the dross? We asked a number of indies and Steam hopefuls what they thought.