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AI War, Skyward Collapse, and the rest of the Arcen catalogue are this week's Humble sale

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The latest Humble Weekly Sale may not be the prettiest you'll ever see. It is, however, one of the more strategically interesting selections of variably priced gaming that the bundle wizards have squished together so far. It features Arcen Games, prolific developers of games such as guerilla RTS AI War, Populous like peace-'em-up Skyward Collapse, and side-scrolling city builder A Valley Without Wind. Basically, they're the jazz fusion of genre mixing.

Skyward Collapse to get first expansion, Nihon no Mura

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Skyward Collapse is a game of village building, civilian nurturing, and war quashing, as you attempt to keep aggressive factions alive by arming them just enough that they can't wipe each other out. Aiding you in this were mythological creatures; the two factions balanced by the protective (and occasionally murderous) nature of Greek and Norse beasties. Now developer Arcen Games want to not so much tip the scales, as knock them over completely - with a third, Japanese faction, to be introduced in the upcoming first expansion: Nihon no Mura.

Skyward Collapse released, turn-based god game diplomacy arrives on Steam

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The thing about humans is, you try and do something nice for them, and then they throw it back in your face by raising an army and going to war. Even innocent things, like building a bakery so they don't starve, will result in more soldiers prowling the floating island you watch over. Well, at least they can defend themselves from bandits... No, wait, they're charging head-first into a big Greek mythological monstrosity. The other thing about humans is they're kind of dumb.

That's what you'll have to deal with in Skyward Collapse, the turn-based 4X god game from AI War developer Arcen Games. You play as The Creator, who is attempting to help two warring civilizations thrive, without letting either get advanced enough to wipe out their rival. It's an interesting twist on the god 'em up genre, and it's out now through Steam and the developer's website.

Skyward Collapse trailer shows violent conflict resolution, release next week

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Previous details on Skyward Collapse, the turn-based god game from AI War developer Arcen, had suggested a mostly peacekeeping role for your deity. Not so, according to this first trailer. Your job is to keep both the island's factions alive, seemingly by escalating the conflict just enough that neither side can gain the other hand. A sort of mutually assured non-destruction.

AI War developer announces Skyward Collapse, a turn-based 4X god game

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Arcen Games, creators of AI War and A Valley Without Wind, have announced their next game, Skyward Collapse. It's a strategy collision, incorporating elements of turn-based 4X, god games and simulation. Rather than a vengeful deity of elemental destruction, you play a hovering peacekeeper, attempting to persuade the inhabitants of the floating island you watch over to stop smacking each other with sticks.