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Reinstall: Police Quest

Richard Cobbett at

Maybe it’s just me, but I never could take Police Quest ($4.99 on GOG) very seriously. I know I probably should. It’s certainly a serious game—an interactive police-procedural adventure written by a real cop, and supposedly used by others as a training tool. For me though, it was always something else—closer to the dreams that good cops probably have after eating too much cheese before going to bed. It’s like a fevered nightmare of repressed paranoia, lessened only by a little guilty wish-fulfillment to round off a long day of being abused and unappreciated.

Reinstall: Space Quest V: The Next Mutation

Richard Cobbett at

"BABY BORN WITH ONLY ONE HEAD!” screams the cover of the Galactic Enquirer. Fascinating. And it must be true! If you can’t trust the parody newspaper from a comedy sci-fi game, what can you trust?