Blizzard says is safe from Heartbleed security flaw

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This Heartbleed stuff is no joke. The latest security flaw floating around the internet, which can compromise login information and super-secret data transmitted over OpenSSL protocols, has users terrified and content providers scrambling. Maybe you're concerned about your nightly Hearthstone arena runs or Malthael battles in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. But don't worry: Blizzard says you're in safe hands when you log into

Origin browser protocol exploit shown to execute malicious software with a single click

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A security flaw has surfaced in the browser protocol Origin uses to launch games through custom links using the "origin:" structure. As Ars Technica reports, research group ReVuln demonstrates how a malicious program can be executed via a modified Origin link masquerading as a game launch.

New log-in procedure will increase security for Star Wars: The Old Republic

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How to avoid being hacked in World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft isn't just a game, it's a money-making empire for both Blizzard and an army of criminals that would love nothing more than to make real money from your virtual gold. You might think you're safe, but the techniques they use to get their hands on it go far beyond guessing your password.