Tribes: Ascend unofficial SDK released, no response yet from Hi-Rez

Ian Birnbaum at

Tribes: Ascend was unfortunately llama-dropped by developer Hi-Rez studios earlier this year, but now the community has rallied to build an unofficial software development kit and server hosting solution. As posted in a thread in the Tribes subreddit, this will allow the community to host and support versions of Ascend in place of continuing official support from Hi-Rez. Hi-Rez’s reaction, however, is the big unknown: players using modded software and hosting modded servers could be vulnerable to bans or cease and desist orders from the developer.

Kinect for Windows confirmed at CES

Adam Oxford at

Microsoft's last ever keynote speech at CES last night was definitely more of a whimper than a bang, with a bit of tubthumping for Windows 8 and its phone range, but not a lot of really new stuff to get excited about.

Except, perhaps, one thing. Kinect for Windows has been confirmed for an official launch on February 1st. It brings the firm's console flavoured motion and voice controller to the desktop proper, with a few tweaks to the original design to make it more desktop suited.

Dungeon Defenders SDK released, Capture the Flag mode enters Pre-Alpha

Henry Winchester at

For a comparatively small game released on the same week as Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3, Dungeon Defenders has done rather well - it’s currently sitting pretty at number eight in the Steam charts. Well done Dungeon Defenders.

It could be set to get a lot bigger, too: developers Trendy Entertainment have just released Dungeon Defenders’ SDK as free DLC on Steam. The game’s cel-shaded graphical loveliness was built in Unreal Engine 3, and Trendy has included all the game’s source assets in the SDK. Which is jolly nice of them.

Trendy reckons you’ll be able to take Dungeon Defenders’ assets and do just about anything with them, from creating an FPS to a third-person RPG. You’ll also be able to tweak the game to your heart’s content, or create entirely new dungeons to defend.

To demonstrate the benefits of the SDK, Trendy has also released a 16-player Capture the Flag mode as free DLC. It's currently in pre-alpha, so Trendy wants to know your thoughts and feedback as you play