Battlefield Hardline, developed by Visceral, rumored to be EA's next shooter

Andy Chalk at

It's strictly a rumor at this point, but it's looking increasingly likely that something called Battlefield: Hardline will be the next big thing to come out of EA's hit multiplayer shooter franchise. As noted by the Better Battlelog, various "almost facts" suggest that it will be a cops-and-robbers game rather than opposing militaries, with Thieves and SWAT facing off in multi-mode, multi-class online action.

Rumor: Leaked Valve project tracker shows Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Source 2 in development

Katie Williams at

Are we finally going to be able to play Half-Life 3? While Valve isn't exactly holding press conferences or sending marching bands through the streets yet, a recent slip in its system supposedly exposed the details of every project it's ever worked on—including the long-fabled conclusion to one of gaming's best series, as well as Left 4 Dead 3 and Source Engine 2.

OnLive layoffs rumored, official comment states "the OnLive service is not shutting down"

Tyler Wilde at

According to game developer Brian Fargo, an employee of cloud gaming service OnLive e-mailed him this morning with news that "by the end of the day today, OnLive as an entity will no longer exist," and that its staff has been laid off. In response, OnLive Director of Corporate Communications Brian Jaquet told PC Gamer, "I have no comment on the news other than to say the OnLive service is not shutting down."

RUMOR: Dota 2 "leaked" patch notes reveal native livestreaming, heroes

Lucas Sullivan at

Disclaimer: none of this information is official! What we have here is a purported leak of ten changelogs for Dota 2 patches, and the numerous hero reveals that come out of this if you can read between the lines. If you're a Dota 2 fanatic, these changelogs could be your speculation-window into the future, letting you know whether or not your favorite hero will make it into the game. But know that any (if not all) parts of this leak could be fabricated, so take everything you read here with a massive grain of salt.