Rome II

Total War: Rome II footage shows orchestral soundtrack and bashing-things-with-hammers sound effects

Ian Birnbaum at

A dev diary video released by Creative Assembly shows great behind-the-scenes footage of the sound design in the new Total War strategy game, Rome II The Total War series has always had an emphasis on bigger worlds and more units on a battlefield at once, but it’s neat to see the lengths they went to get really great sound.

Rome 2's penultimate playable faction rides armored horses across the desert

T.J. Hafer at

I kind of tuned out of Rome 2's faction announcements after personal favorites, the Arverni and the Suebi, were announced, but if you've been holding out for some Eastern flavor, today is your day. Joining the aforementioned barbarian badasses, their Iceni cousins, and the imperialist dogs of Rome, Macedon, and Carthage, the Parthian Persians enter the fray from the previously-shrouded, right-hand side of the map.

PC Gamer UK Podcast: Episode 85 - Horse Parking Simulator 2013

Chris Thursten at

After a break, we're back. Chris, Tom Senior and Marsh discuss Antichamber, DmC, The Witcher, Destiny, the inner workings of Valve and a game called Half-Life 2 that is pretty good apparently.