Roccat Nyth MMO mouse supports 3D printed buttons in a fully modular grid

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The world of specialty gaming mice is about to get a little more exotic thanks to Roccat's new Nyth MMO mouse. It's a "fully modular" design, meaning that gamers can customize its mouse grid with any kind of layout they like—and if you don't like what Roccat has to offer, you can use a 3D printer to whip up your own.

Roccat Sova revealed, a mouse and keyboard solution for Steam Machines

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Back in January, Evan expressed his doubts in the Steam Controller. No matter how hard Valve tries, it simply cannot replace the mouse and keyboard (though its recent delay indicates that Valve certainly wants to try). "An innovative controller can’t and won’t replace the decades-long relationship PC gamers have with WASD," he wrote, "because PC gamers don’t like compromise." And he's absolutely right.

Roccat agrees with us, and has developed a solution that it says can put the control of a mouse and keyboard setup into the living room (say, with a Steam Machine). The company today unveiled that solution to PC Gamer, a lapboard it calls the Roccat Sova.

Roccat reveals the Tyon gaming mouse at Computex 2014

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PC gamers can be pretty picky about their choice of mouse. It is, after all, the most direct method of interfacing with games, which is the whole point of all this horsing around. I like to keep it simple, which is why after all these years I still pine for my Logitech MX510; others prefer odd shapes, variable DPI with on-the-fly switching and more buttons than they have fingers. For them, Roccat has unveiled the Tyon, a new gaming mouse with a thumb paddle sticking out of it.

Roccat's new mouse features achievements, including one called "Sultan of Scroll"

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What the lol? Come on now Roccat. You guys know this is a bit silly.

Roccat's Savu - which I'm sure is very nice to use - has a built in trophy system. It's called the ROCCAT™ Achievements Display – or R.A.D. for short - and will track how many times you click, scroll and more. Hit a milestone and you'll get an achievement for your efforts. The mouse also features "No sweat side grips."

I enjoy levelling up as much as the next man, but getting a trophy for scrolling my mouse wheel seems a bit like getting rewarded for being affected by gravity, or casting a shadow. Still, we're yet to test out the Savu, and it could be the first in a long line of innovative peripherals. Possibly. Check the official website for more.

Roccat puts PC game controls on your phone

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Roccat's mysterious viral marketing campaign has run its full duration, with the announcement of Power-Grid, a new mobile application that puts PC game controls onto your phone screen.

Power-Grid is a customisable interface which will be launched first on iPhone, with Android devices to follow, that puts macro keys and chat functions into a customisable layout for quick access while playing. The best way to think of it is as an interactive version of Logitech's G-series keyboard displays, combined with the LCD screen buttons of an Art Lebedev keyboard.

The Roccat Savu is probably not the saviour of PC gaming

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Remember this viral campaigning which had us groaning/guessing last week? Those of you who thought it was the build up to a 4000DPI mouse were wrong – Roccat's just announced one of those, and its called the Savu. That's Savu, not saviour. Which is something different.

The Savu is a 'Mid Sized Hybrid Gaming Mouse'. I'm not entirely sure what the 'hybrid' bit is, since there's no third ear growing on its back, but apparently all will become clear (again) at CeBit next week.

Roccat ask whether PC gaming is dead

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Crazy Euro-peripheral manufacturer Roccat has stumbled upon a great wheeze marketing wheeze: a teaser site which questions whether or not PC gaming is dead, along with a countdown to something which may 'save' it.

But, waitaminute. Haven't we seen exactly the same strategy from another keyboard and mouse pedlar not so long ago? Yes, I'm certain Roccat's new site rings a bell.

Roccat rocks up in US

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German gaming peripherals manufacturer Roccat is to launch its wares 'Stateside this week, bringing its keyboards, mice and headsets to a US audience. It's currently showing off what it has at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and says it'll begin shipping via Amazon in February.

What then, American readers, can you expect? A fair few pieces of Roccat kit have passed through PC Gamer's seaside lab in the UK over the last couple of years, and generally scored well.