Halfway review

Evan Lahti at

2014 has brought us a tiny surplus of indie, turn-based strategy games. And happily, they’ve all been thematically and mechanically different: The Banner Saga (an elegant Viking epic), Xenonauts (a spiritual sequel to old X-COM), Dead State (a Fallout-like zombie sandbox in Early Access). Halfway is less complex and sprawling than these games, which ends up as both a shortcoming and an asset.

Halfway: turn-based sci-fi survival launches on PC next week

Phil Savage at

Most turn-based tactical RPG fans are currently being well served by the excellent Divinity: Original Sin. But if you're the kind of RPG devotee who prefers sci-fi to fantasy, pixels to polygons, and creeping dread to tongue-in-cheek adventure: firstly, that's some very specific taste you have; secondly, Halfway could fit the bill. Its claustrophobic deep space action is being unleashed onto Steam and the Humble Store next week, 22 July.