Rise of Venice

Rise of Venice review

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This review was written by Jon Morcom.

Venice, 1455. The Renaissance is stimulating dizzying levels of creativity and La Serenissima is acknowledged as if not the crossroads, then at least the Spaghetti Junction of all trade in the Occident. Born into a city rife with political manoeuvring, family feuds and rising damp, you are Giacomo da Narni, continuing your family’s proud mercantile tradition and advancing yourself socially until you reach the exalted title of Doge.

Rise of Venice is out this Friday, new trailer shows the trade system at play

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A new trailer for the upcoming trade building sim Rise of Venice has been released, detailing the buy-low, sell-high mechanics of the game’s economic routes. It also features the soothing tones of the game’s narrator; I don’t think a trailer has been this relaxing since those Leviathan: Warships smooth jazz trailers. It must be something about boats.