Reprisal Universe releases later this month, trailer shows pixelated Populous

Phil Savage at

If you were hoping for Godus to become the saviour of god games, you might have spent the last few months in a disappointed funk. But maybe Reprisal Universe can reignite your deific designs. The Populous-inspired retro god-'em-up will release later this month, on 15 September.

Reprisal trailer shows charming pixel terraforming and destruction

Phil Savage at

It's all well and good for Kickstarter to become the new home of the god game, but if you're a fan of the genre, you're probably not relishing the long wait for games like Maia or 22 Cans' Project GODUS. Luckily, there's a retro tribute you can play right now.

This trailer for Reprisal shows off the world terraforming, elemental spellcasting and tribal commanding of the adorable pixelated homage to Peter Molyneux's genre defining Populous.

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Autumn is all about change. The trees dance with color as the dried leaves crunch underfoot. We lose daylight. Heaters switch on. And your empty hard drive space has the opportunity to fill with the five games on offer from the Indie Royale Fall Bundle, a collection of potent, pumpkin-flavored titles for a current cost of $5.