Project CARS

Project Cars announces North American release date and preorder bonuses

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Project Cars may not be a great name for a videogame, but there's no denying it's awfully pretty. And now, a little shy of three years after it was first revealed to the world, a North American launch date has been announced.

Project CARS trailer veers slowly, melodramatically out of Gamescom

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Project CARS is looking very beautiful indeed, but you won't appreciate the full extent of its beauty until you've seen the above Gamescom 2014 trailer. With its plaintive piano accompaniment, it really captures the inherent melancholy of driving expensive cars around in circles for fun.

Project CARS compares 2012 to 2014 in side-by-side gameplay trailer

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Project CARS has undergone some big changes over the past couple of years. The high-fidelity racing sim from Need for Speed: Shift developer Slightly Mad Studios looked "gorgeous" from the moment it came off the line, but as the new side-by-side comparison trailer shows, it's come a long way since.

Project CARS system requirements will put your PC to the test

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Project Cars studio Slighty Mad has claimed that its racer is "the most technically advanced racing game on the planet", so it makes sense that you'd need a technically advanced PC to run it. With the release of these system requirements, you'll be able to make sure your PC is up-to-scratch before the game's release on an unspecified day in November.

4K Screenshot Showcase: Project CARS

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Every week, keen screen-grabber Ben Griffin brings you a sumptuous 4K resolution gallery to celebrate PC gaming's prettiest places.

Not to downplay my heroics or anything, but Project CARS isn't hard to make look nice. It's the Kate Moss of videogames. If it's not native 4K support or a bevvy of visual options making my job easier, then it's the incredibly useful hotkeys: ctrl + F triggers free cam, ctrl + P cycles through filters, and P stops time entirely. You can even put the AI in charge of your car with ctrl + I to free up your camera-clicking fingers.

Project CARS E3 trailer is pretty, contains cars

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The bouncy castle that is the E3 show floor is starting to deflate as we draw ever closer to the event's end. In a few days time, it'll fully collapse, trapping any lingering developers in its enormous flapping bulk. For now, there's still time to share a few loose trailers. Like this, a dramatic trailer for the startlingly pretty Project CARS.

New Project CARS trailer claims it's the best looking racing game on the planet

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Slightly Mad Studio describes Project CARS on its YouTube page as “the most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically advanced racing game on the planet.” Well. They’ll feel rather silly when that Martian-developed racing game launches and absolutely crushes them, but until then, the latest trailer for the game looks like a strong claim to the title.

Project CARS trailer reminds you that it's still gorgeous

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Just in case you forgot, the latest trailer for racing simulator Project CARS is a good reminder that it still looks absolutely incredible. The "Community Assisted Racing Simulator," which was funded with Developer Slightly Mad Studio's WMD (World of Mass Development) crowdfunding platform is still in development and available only to backers, so for now all we can do is gawk.

Project CARS trailer shows more photorealistic racing; update brings Steam access to backers

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Thanks to this dazzlingly pretty trailer, I've just this moment realised that Project CARS is an acronym. Previously, I'd assume that developer Slightly Mad Studios loved cars so much that they couldn't write their game's name without implying an enthusiastic shout of excitement. Instead, it turns out that it stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator. And yet, it is about cars. How serendipitous.

PC Gamer community screenshots of the month - January

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We love screenshots. Real screenshots, that is, not the touched-up batch-released PR sorts. We love screenshots taken with care by players. Some have beautified their experience with mods and postprocessing filters, others have found interesting new angles that make familiar games look strange and new. To celebrate, we've picked a few favourites from the enormous official screenshots thread on our forums. Read on for glorious dragon battles, a morbid take on Wonderland and a section of Deus Ex: Human Revolution that you may never have seen before.

PC Gamer community screenshots of the year

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We're getting perilously close to the end of the year, which means it's time to start gathering up our PC gaming experiences and forging them into great big lists. YES. Our game of the year awards are coming up, but before all the arguing starts we thought it'd be nice to reflect some of your most picturesque PC gaming moments.

So here it is, The PC Gamer Community Screenshots of the Year 2012 [ta-da!]. I've picked out ten favourites from the official screenshots thread on our forums. Read on for a chance to admire some lovely images, rediscover some of the year's prettiest games and find out exactly how Mario and Luigi managed to sneak in. Those crazy plumbers. There is no limit to their cunning.

Project CARS screenshots reveal stunning looking Pagani Huayra

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We already knew Project CARS was a stunning looking game, that's a given. But did we ever suspect it looked this good? These screenshots are of the recently added Pagani Huayra, and they're utterly astonishing. Credit to them goes to the users Darkdeus and fresquito on NeoGaf. Yes, you heard that right. These are not touched up promotional shots, but ones taken by actual gamers, and they still look that good.

Project CARS trailer shows new cars and night racing

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We quite enjoyed the Project CARS trailer featured a couple of months back, but there was something missing. Those meticulously modelled steering wheels were steering all by themselves. Had Slightly Mad Studios misunderstood the concept of a racing ghost? No. They just hadn't added drivers and their arms into the game yet. It looks like it's happened now, though. The latest video, spotted on Evil Avatar, has finally put some butts in those racing buckets.

Remarkably, there's still a year of development left before Project CARS is released. You can get access to builds in advance by donating to development through the World of Mass Development site. Project CARS will have some competition in the coming year, mind. Image Space are currently busy building their hardcore racing sim sequel, rFactor 2.

Project CARS screenshots corner beautifully

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If you saw the Project CARS trailer we posted back in January, you'll already know how good it's looking. Evil Avatar indicate that new screenshots have been released, giving us a closer look at those carefully modelled vehicles.

CARS has an unusual development model. It makes use of the World of Mass Development portal that lets community members donate money to the project in return for regular work-in-progress builds. Community members can take part in polls on future features, chat to the developers and eventually gain money back on their investment when the game's released. It's all explained over on the Project CARS site. In addition to the official releases, Slightly Mad have been posting some of the best shots from contributing community members. Take a look, and remember to click to see each pic full size.

Project CARS trailer shows gorgeous racing

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It's going to be a bumper year for racing sims. The ongoing progress of rFactor 2 reminded me of Project CARS, a fascinating racer from Shift 2 creators, Slightly Mad Studios, who are living up to their name perfectly with their unique development strategy. With no publisher to fund development, Slightly Mad have invited community members to invest in, advise on and write code for CARS in return for a share of its revenue on release. They released a new trailer yesterday showcasing their lovely engine. It's looking veeery pretty.

In the blog post accompanying the new trailer, the team mention that they're currently working on implementing night lighting, dynamic weather, tyre deformation, multiplayer and pit-to-car radio features. Find out more about the project, including the ways that you can contribute to its development, on the Project CARS site.