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MechWarrior Online update adds Firebrand Hero mech, tweaks jump jets and damage

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A new Hero mech has joined the MechWarrior Online battlefield this week.The Firebrand marks the 12th addition to MWO's stable of unique, real-money valued BattleMech variants in this week's update, alongside changes to weapons, jump jets, and team play.

MechWarrior Online's newest patch brings a world of Misery

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Not the sobbing-at-a-funeral kind of misery, mind you. We're talking about Misery, an 85-ton Stalker battlemech that will hopefully leave your foes fully acquainted with the emotion in your wake. The mech comes with MWO's newest patch, which, among various other goodies and fixes, also comes with a new skin with skulls all over it, keeping with the theme nicely.

MechWarrior Online patch to expand team structure, add new mech variants

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Like a robot Bob Ross, Piranha Games continues to slowly fill in the details around MechWarrior Online before it's ready to call the game released. After adding the beta's best map so far last month, this week's fresh paint comes in the form of improvements to MWO's in-match leadership and command features, which will be updated in a patch arriving tomorrow afternoon.

MechWarrior Online video interview

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MechWarrior Online will stomp out of beta by the end of this summer, and the game's Vancouverian creators at Piranha Games are illuminating further what the free-to-play multiplayer game will look like when it hits its version 1.0 milestone. I spoke with Piranha President Russ Bullock and Creative Director Bryan Ekman last week in San Francisco to get more details about MWO's ambitious territory-control metagame, Community Warfare, ask about the status of this thing, and check up on other upcoming features.

MechWarrior Online will be fully operational by the end of Summer

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I still haven't seen a single groundhog, but people are already talking about Summer, let alone Spring, like we're absolutely certain it's going to happen. Yesterday, Piranha Games gave us another reason for this damnable Winter to shuffle off and give Spring/Summer their due: the launch (proper) of MechWarrior Online. As revealed at GDC, the stompy multiplayer shooter will exit beta in late Summer, more specifically "no later than" September 21st. Well that is the last official day of Summer.

MechWarrior Online March content plan includes largest map yet, more keybinds, "dynamic hanging items"

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Piranha has outlined the upcoming March updates for MechWarrior Online, which will include usability improvements and new items for players to tinker with while dancing the mech-on-mech ballet. The coming weeks bring, among other features, one-use modules, an expanded set of piloting controls, and dangly accessories for your cockpit such as fuzzy dice.

MechWarrior Online shows off its Pretty Baby

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In a blatant bit of ironic naming, MechWarrior Online has introduced a new robot combatant: the Pretty Baby. It's 80-tons of metal and laser cannon, putting it firmly in MWO's heaviest class. Although I'll admit, the paint job is quite fetching.

MechWarrior Online update adds Death's Knell, nostalgic startup sequence

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Stomping right behind the Spider Mech that launched last week, the Death's Knell is a new and agile robotic warrior included in MechWarrior Online's latest update. As a bonus, a familiar-sounding startup sequence for series veterans now plays whenever you switch on your towering titan.

Mechwarrior Online releases Spider Mech ahead of double-XP weekend

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The engineers at Piranha have been hard at work at their latest robot warrior for free-to-play battler Mechwarrior Online. Disappointingly, the Spider Mech isn't an octolegged monstrosity that traps its flitting opponents in webs of hardened steel. Instead it promises to be the fastest, most maneuverable addition to the Light class - with eight jumpjets to bump up the agility.

According to the press release, "Spider pilots can create nightmares for pilots of heavier Mechs on the battlefield; this is the time to watch your back!" Presumably they're working on a giant, reinforced can of bug spray for a future release.

Why mechs are the most fun thing to shoot in a video game

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Not zombies. Not terrorists. Not bandits, pirates, helicopters, or mutant helicopters. After dedicating my life to research, I’ve determined that mechs are the most fun thing to shoot in a video game. MechWarrior’s mechs, specifically.

What makes mechs special? They’re voodoo dolls. And piñatas.

Conquest mode coming to MechWarrior Online this Tuesday

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Piranha Games is sneaking out a final content update for MechWarrior Online before the holiday break. Next Tuesday, Conquest will become MWO’s second mode—a long-awaited addition for beta players like myself who’ve put dozens of hours into the game’s fun-but-meager map pool. Read on for more details, and for other changes coming in the upcoming patch.

MechWarrior Online implements cosmetic customization, AI voice-over, map variant

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Mechmakers Piranha Games deployed an update yesterday to MWO's slowly-growing closed beta that adds CamoSpec, the all-important system for redecorating your mech. Well, technically our MechWarrior Online issue was the first way mech pilots could apply paint to their hulking man-panzers, but Tuesday's patch formalizes the system within the game. Inside, I've taken a minute to pop into the MechLab to check it out in a video.

Piranha releases Mechwarrior Online open beta trailer

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MechWarrior Online hands-on video

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Mechwarrior Online enters open beta

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There's been a bit of hesitation surrounding the launch of Mechwarrior Online, but it has finally stomped through the closed beta process and wheezed into the sunlight of open beta. The move to open beta represents the last data wipe for beleaguered closed beta pilots that have levelled up stunning war machines time and time again, only to have them vanish with the arrival of another big update.

Good news for them, then, but better news for everyone else. Anyone who fancies jumping into the cockpit can sign up for an account on the MechWarrior Online site

MechWarrior Online open beta starts Monday, for real this time

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Stompy multiplayer robo-tactical shooter MechWarrior Online has been flip-flopping over its pending open beta for a good few weeks now. First it was kicking off on October 16th, then it was delayed, and then it didn't like the look of those teenagers so it decided to keep its giant feet indoors. Thankfully, those teenagers have now wandered off - MWO will begin its open beta (for realsies) on October 29th, or this coming Monday.

Piranha "would love" single-player for MechWarrior Online

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"I'd love to see a big, new ten-hour single-player campaign for MechWarrior," Piranha Games co-founder Russ Bullock said during GDC Online. He's assuredly not alone on that wishful thought -- the MechWarrior franchise's bipedal chunks of armageddon typically came with colony and clan warfare. But speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Bullock cited the industry's "really tough" expectations for including worthwhile single-player as the primary reason for keeping the action multiplayer for now.

MechWarrior Online open beta delayed

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Last week, Piranha Games announced that the MechWarrior Online open beta test would start tomorrow. Then, later last week, Lead Designer Paul Inouye responded to community concerns over instability with the news that the open beta will be pushed back indefinitely.

MechWarrior Online open beta commences October 16

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The wait is almost over for those who haven't already made their way onto the stompy, mech-infested battlefields of MechWarrior Online by way of key or invite. Starting next week, the beta is opening up to all aspiring combatants. You have until midnight on the 14th to become part of the Founders Program, grabbing some exclusive rewards and hipster cred that you just can't put a price on.

Mechwarrior Online trailer provides pilot lesson, delivers hot lasers to robot faces

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As much as I'd love to be a mech, there are definitely some drawbacks. You can fire a kaleidoscopic array of lasers out of your face, which is neat, but if you overdo it you shut down and have to spend several minutes gently venting hot gas, which has to be on the list of most embarrassing things that can happen in public. Perhaps that's the reason that you won't actually be the mech in Mechwarrior Online. In the cockpit, you're a pilot in a cockpit, with legs and everything.